Argonauts' RB Andrew Harris Returns to Practice

TORONTO – The Toronto Argonauts announced on Friday that star running back Andrew Harris has returned to practice after suffering an upper body injury that forced him to miss the remainder of regular season.

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Great news for us Andrew Harris fans! :smiley: :+1:

So what now? Do the Argos start Harris over Ouellette to improve their ratio numbers for the Final two weeks from now or do they stick with the status quo? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Good to hear I hope he is close to 100 percent

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Andrew Harris was hardly ever 100 percent when he was with us in his last season here but when playoff time rolled around he gutted it out. Somehow he willed himself to perform at a higher level.


Think this would have been huge had Toronto suffered in the run game. Certainly, the impact will be felt emotionally but not sure if he will or can do anything more than what Ouellette did for them this season. Still, it will be fun watching as you never can count that guy out.
The games this weekend most certainly will be a lot more fun to watch without the stress of watching your own team battle it out. Next weekend will be a different story, go Blue

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Maybe he can still win that "All Star" vote after all

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