Argonauts logo

Anyone agree with me that the block "A" and shield has to go, and bring back the football sailboat?

Either or. I don't see anything wrong with the shield.

Keep the A. I loved the 91' A and the shield just makes it look more modern. Boat is old, good for throwback days only. Long live double blue colours.

I always liked the football sail boat with the oars. Maybe there's a way for both, put the big A on the helmets and the sail boat on the shoulder pads.

The Boat logo is one of the best in sports

I like the shield, it's simple and classy.

The other argo logos over the years have been, IMHO, a little tacky (the boat), or unoriginal (the lone 'A').

One thing's for sure. The Argos need to stick with one logo for the long term and stop changing every 4-5 years. For traditions sake. Every other team in the CFL has kept the same logo for years, with slight variations, and these logos have been automatically associated with the team.

i love the current logo. hope they NEVER change it.