Argonauts ink quarterback Nick Arbuckle

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have signed American quarterback Nick Arbuckle, the team announced on Monday.

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Well, this wasn't contrived by the CFl too benefit the Argos. A team with virtually no fan base.

Lol....every Argo move being a conspiracy theory. Where else was Nick going to go?

Seems like the talk of the Argos not wanting to pay a bonus didn't age well. Would have liked more than a 1 year deal but Arbuckle's camp didn't want to budge off that it seems

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WTF ? never played a down for Ottawa.

Arbuckle has a grand total of 7 starts in his CFL career(that was in 2019)
He did well for the Hufnagel/Dickenson Stampeders behind Bo Levis Oline protection while Bo was injured and running Dave Dickensons offence.
We will soon see how he fares under rookie HC /rookie OC Dinwiddie

And Arbuckle's resume is more than what the Argos have right now. MBT will likely sign but the team has never thought of him as their #1 long term. O'Connor still needs some time.

Hate to see him have a good season (pending it happens of course) and see him bolt and prosper somewhere else.

Rather have Pipkin than McLeod Bethel Thompson. Bethel Thompson is an average QB that has no mobility

Nick Arbuckle will help steer the good ship Argonauts to a contending team in the East division. He has all the tools necessary to be a very productive Quarterback with the Boatmen. I wish him all the best in the upcoming 2021 season !


Have to wait and see, let's hope we have a 2021 season !!

Hufnagel quarterbacks have a pretty good track record; if Toronto gives him a half-decent O-line and coaching I suspect he could be a top-3 QB in the league.

So, If Reilly and Bo Levi would be annointed #1 and #2
You could have Arbuckle(with 7 CFL starts) ahead of Masoli, Harris, Collaros, Adams jr., Farardo and Nichols?

I genuinely wonder if Reilly is going to be top-3 going forward. Bo Levi is undoubtably #1, then it's a bunch of unknown to me. Seriously, I don't bet against QBs coming up through Huf.

Did you know
Hufnagel was QB Coach to IND Colts Peyton Manning in 2001
Patriots Tom Brady in 2003 when they won the Superbowl and Brady was MVP

I'm surprised and not surprised on the breakup with Matt Nichols.

He recently got his degree in Sports Management witch makes him unofficially an agent also. He knows more of the ropes now and that's not a bad asset to obtain.

The fact that talks broke off for a month was concerning. I felt that it was a grey move for the Argos originally to obtain him. We signed a proven Quarterback.

Now that they have signed Nick Arbuckle, it makes for a good move also. Calgary does have in my opinion the best team in player development. Furthermore, the Calgary connection with Ryan Dinwiddie will make the transition easier. I also like some of the recent additions that will help on both sides of the ball, along with our existing depth chart.

My only concern is that I hope Nick Arbuckle plays well enough to give the Argonauts a chance to win. Looking at the time when the Argonauts obtained James Franklin, he had all the tools to be a great Quarterback. His numbers were good as a backup to Mike Reilly in Edmonton at the time. James Franklin looked absolutely horrible in Toronto. It was a completed 180.

As of now, the Argonauts only have Michael O'Connor also on there depth chart at Quarterback. I'd like to see if they can obtain McCloud Bethel - Thompson as he was good as could have been during the 2019 season. He still needs more work for improvement; mainly reading defenses a little better, and his work in the pocket, along with cleaning up some of the interceptions. Bethel - Thompson will be an asset for Toronto. Lets face it, bodies will go down. I'd rather have someone with experience coming in relief, while slowly building up O'Connor as well.

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To win in this league these days, a team needs 2 good QB to provide a dual threat. If one QB gets hurt or completely out-defensed by the opposition, it makes perfect sense to change the rhythm and tempo by replacing him with the other guy.

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