Argonauts in BMO, and the Angry TFC Fans

Hello all,

So there have been plenty of rumors over the past few months about the Argos making BMO their new home.

Commissioner Cohon brought it up again in his recent interview with Bob McCowan on the Fan590:

[url=] ... 91925_9888[/url]

(It's around the 8.30 mark)

Anyways, the TFC supporter groups are angry as hell. They've been assured by the Mayor and MLSE that any deal would involve no permanent gridiron lines on the field, and that the endzone seats would be movable in order to keep the soccer experience intimate. Not to mention they'd score themselves an additional 5-10k seats. However, the Hooligans don't seem to be listening:

[url=] ... 668&page=1[/url]

There's talk of invasive and even acts of violence (attacking people wearing Argonauts apparel, etc).

Personally, I think any of these acts would give MLSE and the city the perfect excuse to ban these extremists from the stadium for life. This isn't Europe, here the owners run the team, not violent hooligans.

I'm a big fan of TFC, and I have no doubt that the stadium will serve as an awesome venue for both teams.

(P.S. I was wearing my Argos hat at a TFC bar, the Duffrin Gate, just before and during the last home match. No one said a word, big surprise)

What a bunch of IGMOS!

One off them suggests that they buy up all the tickets for every home game that the Argos play and boo them!

Go ahead give your money to the Argos. That'll learn em! :lol:

Here's a thread from the same site that is SLIGHTLY more reasonable, although still plenty of hot-heads with no real arguments to speak of:

[url=] ... 966&page=1[/url]

Hahaha, someone posted that the turf in BMO would be coloured blue if the Argos moved in, and they all freaked out! lol they'll believe anything.

Also found this:

[url=] ... ue&abc=abc[/url]

There's no date on the article, but this Bob Hunter guy from MLSE is talking like this is a very serious possibility, even though everything's preliminary.

A bunch of idiots. Plain and simple.
Hopefully this league will soon disappear.

Hi guys, I really wish I was strong enough to play contact sports, but my mommy told me not to get my dress dirty. You'd like it, it's blue, it matches my eyes and the ribbons in my hair.

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They should make minors submit a permission slip from their mothers before registering to post in a forum.

lol "tfcwarrior"? hahah way to be a warrior, internet tough-guy.

By the way, which seat is yours at BMO Field? I'll be sure to book it for my Argos seasons tickets. Nothing would make me happier than taking whats yours.

...make sure you eat some food that doesn't agree with you dmont before sharing tfc's seat...mark it well...

...for anyone just joining us, tfcwarrior managed to break, oh, about 5 forum guidelines in three posts, the best of which was moved ot the admin section...that is a record I believe, but one you don't want...consequently, tfcwarrior will be playing the part of the nine year old girl until the admins get the banning request...

Nine? I'm seven, at best.

Naw, don't be hasty, argotom. It's a fine league, no reason the two can't coexist. It's most likely just a few hot-heads who like being tough guys as long as it's in front of their computers.

Part of the reason TFC has been so successful is due to their supporters section. These guys have created a great atmosphere at the game, no doubt about it. It gives the game a Euro flavour (which some people find appealing).

Unfortunately, some of these guys watch a little too much TV and think they'll style themselves after the soccer hooligans they see in European soccer riots. I can't imagine a worse development for Canadian soccer. You think Montreal and Vancouver will form relationships with supporters sections if they see flares, batteries, and rocks raining down on the field in Toronto? Not a chance, North American owners have always had all the control, and I think they like it that way. Instead, they'll have nothing to do with these elements. This'll be a shame, since (relatively) well-behaved supporter sections are a huge boost for the team (see TFC, up until recently).

I think MLSE won't hesitate to ban individuals and certain extreme supporters groups from the stadium. They face huge liability if anyone gets hurt due to incidents they could have prevented. Furthermore, their waiting list for seasons tickets is only about 7000 names long, no skin off their nose.

A move to BMO would be bad for many of people who go to Argos games. It would result in way higher ticket prices and less fans able to attend games.

Less seats + renovation costs = higher cost per ticket.

Right now the Argos have a sweet deal at the SkyDome - rent free - plus have huge stadium capable of hosting everything from the Grey Cup to regular season games. Yet ticket prices still aren't cheap. A move to BMO would mean fewer fans can attend games and would mean those fans would be paying for the rent BMO Field would charge. Ticket prices would go way up, and many people who have been attending Argos games at relatively good prices will be stuck at home watching games.

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If the shoe was on the other foot & TFC had to use Rogers Centre, I doubt fans of the Jays or Argos would have a problem with it.

I hope the Argos don't move regardless. Rogers Centre is not so bad with people in the seats.

to be honest, it would bother me if they left the soccer markings on the field, but I wouldnt be so ignorant about it as they are being. They forget the CFL existed long before their 2 bit league.

Multi markings on any field looks bush.
It reminds me of my high school days, with the school gym floor having so many markings that it was impossible to use for any game.

Skydome should always be the argos home, just stop sellin the poorly designed seats like they’ve been doin. Its still a pretty nice stadium. I couldn’t imagine the Argo’s not playing there with the Jays anymore, i’d be dissapointed.

The funniest post is this one:

Wake up...the CFL is a junior league...they are minor league. Players come here when they can't make it in the NFL.
The CFL has the 2nd-highest calibre of football players in the world. And the best game.

Exactly how many rungs down the soccer ladder is the MLS?

The CFL is the best brand of football, entertainment and quality wise.
The MLS is no better then the fourth division. Period. In fact the TFC got beat again this year by Charleston of the USL. Enough said.

C'mon CFL fans, we know how it feels to be called Bush, lets not criticize the quality of either league. They're both great entertainment, and if you have fun watching it, why ruin a good thing?

TFC got beat by Charleston in an exhibition game, as in "lets see if these new players are any good". Since then they've made a lot of good moves, bringing in some good european talent, although unfortunately it's hurt their ratio of Canadians vs. Internationals.

It'll be interesting to see the developments during the next TFC home game. From reading that forum, it seems like some of the supporters are planning Argo protest signs. Not only will it be interesting to see if they actually follow through with their little protest, it'll also be interesting to see how the stadium and broadcaster (the CBC) handles the situation.

If security confiscates the signs, or asks the CBC not to give them air time, it'll show that MLSE is in serious talks.

Ooooooh! A soccer fan's gonna' beat me up!!!!

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How is it that a game made for non-contact, diving, whining attracts such tough-talkin' goofs?

That whole stadium was supposed to be at Varsity! It was supposed to be for CFL/Soccer/Rugby Canada/UofT... but your soccer/wimp loving matron, Olivia Chow, put the kibosh on any jockularity!

Soccer's like a submarine! When there's trouble; Bayoogah! Bayoogah! Dive! Dive! Dive!

If I ever have any problems with a TFC Goof.... sorry, Fan, he'll leave the pitch on a stretcher.... but, for a change, it'll be for good reason!