Argonauts for sale?

According to this article in today's Hamilton Spectator, Steve Milton says the Argos are rumoured to be for sale. That's news to me, anyone care to comment on this?

Ive never heard of any sale, and for sure in a pro NFL Market like Toronto that kind of story would feed the CFL is failing reports that they seek to write about, for now I consider it a rumour just like the article says.

Suprising the for sale rumour and TiCats unable to come out even in the books is pretty much said in a sentence and the rest of the article is a very positive article on the state of the league.

Very different from the usual witchhunt garbage reporters write about the state of the league from the Ontario point of view.

Sokoloski was on the The Fan 590 and stated their in this for the long haul. There committed to the Argos.

Yes, he has said that numerous times, the team is not for sale. Period.

The reporter just made up his "facts", not one word of truth in his jibberish. He claims in 1998 if the Bills played a game in Toronto it would of killed off the CFL, when in fact the NFL did play a game in Toronto around then, remember the supposedly "sold-out" American Bowl? The CFL's still here. The Argo owners stated emphatically a week or so ago that they have no intention on selling the team. I guess this Hamilton reporter missed that press release. A dearth of QB's and coaches in the CFL? Hogwash. Experienced QB's like R. Butler, M. Bishop, M. Crandell, T. Chang can't even get a sniff in the CFL as teams are packed with QB prospects. And with coaching ranks have never been stronger.

Agree Xv! :thup:

Milton sometimes, as much as he's a good guy I think, doesn't really know what he's talking about.

That line was a tad over dramatized. But then again it might help to realize his frame of reference was the Ti-Cats
offense. Overall I enjoyed the read. Thanks for the link Earl.

No prob Fan. You know one thing I will say that I wouldn't mind adopting for some out there anyways, from the soccer boys is this mindset that a sport has to have lots of scores to be exciting or developing as they say.

Maybe Marty York was filling in For Steve Milton that day! :lol: :lol: