Argonauts finding ways to win when it matters

MONTREAL — The Toronto Argonauts came away with a gutsy 24-23 win over the Montreal Alouettes on Saturday to secure their second straight East Division title.

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My hometown Toronto Argos :anchor: proved that you got to be good to be Lucky, and Lucky to be good in Week 20. :green_heart: The Als put on a fine show at home after trailing 7-3 at halftime. Although they outscored the Boatmen 20-17 in the exciting second half the team with the ball last Won their second straight East division title. :bangbang:
Week 20-2022 Clinch East walk off single versus Als

I have never seen a game end like this one did. I also have never seen a referee award a score when one wasn't made. I don't get it - the Argos kicked a wide field goal and Montreal had too many men on the field - why wasn't a penalty imposed allowing the Argos to try the kick again? It has always been my understanding that a game cannot end on a penalty.

Did this game end properly and was the referee correct in awarding the one point? In my opinion, this is not a good way for any team to win a game and the conference leadership.