Argonauts @ Eskimos

Lotta sports on tonight! Raptors @ 8, Eskimos @ 9, and Lakers @ 10:30. I'm going to attempt to watch all three games. :lol:

But on the subject of the Eskimos game, I just thought of something... If the Eskimos win tonight, and the Lions lose on Halloween, the Eskimos could potentially finish in 3rd. The chances of that happening are slim because we'd have to beat the Lions in the season finale... but there is still a chance. As long as the coaches show up and decide to actually COACH!!! know, instead of what they've been doing all season... standing on the sidelines picking their asses...

g o A r g o s!!


Hate to say this...... makes me sick to my stomach.. but... uggh......... I know! A little variation on the word and I technically wouldn't be cheering let's go (unsayable word).

Go Argos! I'd like to see them get 4 wins this year. And if it happens to put a little more room between us and the Esks, great! :smiley:


look at all those empty seats!! :o

with the combination of poor weather and a bad team vs another bad team.. the fans have stayed home tonight!

Speaking of staying home... I was hoping you'd lose your Internet connection tonight. No such luck, I guess... :frowning:

Let's go Esks! I like the throws, just gotta complete 'em.

ha ha...

sorry good internet!

Damn. Was on the phone with my sister discussing the release of the Bookdock Saints sequel... missed the Whitlock TD. Looked like some good blocking by the O-Line. Keep it up, boys! :wink:

wow.. these Argos really suck...

Andrus looks like he's clueless out there..

I just hope the Eskimos and their fans realize that they're only beating the Argos.. doesn't mean crap.

I think Toronto is even worse than the worse Ticat teams of the last few years. Their offense can't move the ball more than a play here or there and their defense has got two of the most undisciplined players in the league and the rest are average. This is really not looking good for football in TO.

Same old stupidity. The Eskimos play like crap, and you go on about how badly they suck. The play well, and you start with the excuses. Sad...

Do me a favour and just yank your modem from the wall...

well, they just stink!

Lucas drops 3 passes, all that would have been beneficial!

nobody can't get anything going!

All this does, IMO is give the Eskimos a false sense of accomplishment.

it’s not an excuse Chief… this isn’t exactly much of a challenge against the Esks… you can’t bs me!

heck, at this point… the Junior Wildcats could have played this game and have won! that’s how pathetic the Argos are!

Esks will be all high and then come crashing down next week in B.C.

ok, i'm so done watching this game... BOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Argos suck and this game is a joke..

I'm actually excited that we are going to the half time panel :expressionless: in a minute. There is no way I can watch the second half.

Come on make it 10 points and I'll keep watching

This kid has a horseshoe up his arz

Lucas picked a good time to catch a ball. So when the ball is on the money, he drops it...but when it's tipped and bobbling he comes up with it. Brutal.

This Reaves guy is looking ok.

Go Reaves!