Argonauts dropped from plans to Reno BMO field

From what i have heard. It’s over. The CFL dropped the ball, but mostly it was the Argo owner, who held on to his asking price of 25 million, way to long. MLSE got fed up and now they are moving on without the Argos. From what i heard the commisioner has been phoning MLSE since Last FRi and they won’t even return his calls now. This may have cost us the Argos

The notion of BMO Field as the future home of the Toronto Argonauts has been shelved as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment prepares to invest in refurbishing the facility in time for next summer’s Pan-Am Games without a retrofit for Canadian football.

In April, Toronto city council approved a plan to invest $10 million in a $120 million expansion, contingent on the provincial and federal governments kicking in $10 million each as well. That plan included expanding the stadium to accommodate CFL football, with the Argos hoping to move in as soon as next season.

That stadium deal was put together at the same time that Argo owner David Braley was negotiating to sell the Argos to either MLSE or its largest, individual shareholder, Larry Tanenbaum.

However, with the provincial and federal governments yet to sign onto the deal, and time running out, MLSE is now focused on upgrading and repairing the facility under its current configurations, with an emphasis on getting it ready for next summer’s Pan Am Games when it will host the Rugby Sevens competition.

While the possibility of an Argo sale to Tanenbaum or MLSE is not dead, according to a source, it has gone from being a priority to something that would depend on another phase of stadium expansion being approved.

The Argos have been asked to vacate the Rogers Centre, their home since 1989 after the 2017 season so that the Toronto Blue Jays may consider installing natural grass into the facility.

MLSE will take a plan to city council next month to spend $80 million upgrading amenities in the stadium, asking for permission to spend the $10 million of city dollars that was granted for the larger project in April.

That's what I figured would happen when the Feds dropped out. Not sure the price set y Braley would have ever mattered. I think they were willing to be a landlord for an Argos owner but they voted against buying the team. If they would have been interested they would have countered.

Let's hope Braley wasn't bluffing about his stadium plans.

This sucks.

Just another reason to despise MLSE and Larry Tanenbaum. They could have made this happen years ago. Lets hope Braley can find an "Argos only" solution.

Not really surprised, MLSE has never been a "booster" of the CFL.
Ten million is all that's missing to make a home for the Argos at BMO. Its weird that a league where the owners have put up 100 million dollars of their own money could not invest 10 million to get a home for the Argos, isn't that what they told us they need to hog all the new money for ??? At least if they were kicking in the money they would be credible with the players.

Maybe the city or the province will kick it in and save the CFL from itself again.

Why is it the CFL,s fault? Yes it would be better for the Args to build their own facility and the City, Province and Feds should pony up !! they could use it for concerts and monster truck shows etc, stealing business away from Rogers :rockin:

Well, this sucks.

David Braley is the most useless no good for nothing owner that I have ever seen in all of sports. Thank you for ruining the fan experience going to Argo games! Thank you for treating the Argos as a minor league football team to attract no people to buy the team! Thank you for asking for a ridiculous purchase price to buy the team to ml$e! Thank you for finding that beautiful practice facility for the Argos to practice on the one that they don't even know where they will practice on in one months time! Thank you for for being an absentee owner to the team and not having any serious involvement to the teams sale or for the renos at bmo field while you sat on your ass in Florida or wherever you spend your time outside of toronto! Thank you for hiring an idiot CEO Chris rudge who could care less about cfl or Argo football who likes to put down the Argos team to the media! Thank you for misleading people in the cfl with your lies about building your own stadium! Please David Braley listen to the serious cfl and Argo fans and leave the league ASAP you have done enough damage to this team we don't need you! Mark Cohen please find a suitable owner and CEO for this team that should be your first priority before signing the cba deal!

Reality is without Mr. Braley there would be no CFL. IMO you are out of touch with reality.

There still may be hope considering the Executive/Council approval was contingent on the inclusion of the Argos at BMO in the last vote.

The City of Toronto who own BMO could very well insist on this very same stipulation regardless of the Feds not contributing to the project.

Pretty incredible when you think about it. The NFL wants no part of being associated with the Argos death, the City and the province are pressuring MLSE and kicking in 20 million yet the CFL and Braley manage to screw this up AGAIN.

Hey CFL BOG, its 10 million to keep the Argos alive. Are you going to pony up ? Six of eight teams making money, might want to pass the hat now, stay in the good graces of TSN would be a good idea right now.

If Kevin is correct and there is no reason to doubt him. MLSE is willing to go at it alone with 80 million. They don't need public funding at all if there is no 30 million required to fit CFL football. You got to know some politicians are going to jump at that, who could blame them. Braley even gave them the out.

I'm not so sure we won't eventually see the York University stadium expanded to fit in the Argos. May have been in the cards along. MLSE doesn't want another venue in Toronto to rival BMO and may well have been the reason they got involved trying to buy the Argos and land them in BMO.
MLSE doesn't like any competition to their rink or stadium. They made sure MLG couldn't continue as it was so Concerts etc. couldn't be held there.
If Braley and the Federal Gov't can make it happen at York for the Argos, it will look good on the bunch at MLSE.

Really surprised this went down. I thought the city money was contingent on the Argos being there? So both the Province/Feds aren't kicking in money, but the Fed money is what was needed?

I really don't know what you do if you're the CFL now, suspend the franchise until later and go with 8 teams again?

yes MLSE easily has ample capital to go at it alone, although the City still owns the venue/property and hopefully will still insist on the inclusion of the Argos.
MLSE/Leiweke would have no choice in the matter if the City stipulation is unalterable, and MLSE wants/needs these renovations in a bad way.

The ball is in Council's court unless another agency wishes to step up to the plate.

Yep , I agree totally , time to move on . Training camp is being held there and hopefully York U will be their practice facility during the season as well .

Who knows, this still may be part of the negotiations ploy by MLSE?
To scare Mr. Braley into dropping his asking price.

Reality is cfl Should have been looking for a owner as soon as Braley bought the team. Bring in anyone other then Braley to run the team even a rich American who has never bothered to watch cfl football in his life would have been better then having Braley there! Even the league should have stepped in to run the team. Cfl thought wrong about Braley thinking that him an idiot rudge would be able to work something out with bmo field they were wrong. It's not like Braley/rudge were out there proposing and trying to make deals with ml$e and trying to get people on board with supporting the team going to bmo field. All I remember in this whole time in the last year through the media is that no one was out there supporting the Argos and talking about there rich and long history to the city of toronto, only time I saw something was when some city councilors stepped up try to tell ml$e to take the Argos. Braley was no where to be seen or heard with any of this talk of Argos going to bmo field even when city councilors were debating the situation there should have been representatives of the Argos there making there point be heard and listened to. Would be nice if Braley could give some of that welfare money back into this team like the $10 million for hosting the grey cup or $1 million dollars given to him from the cfl to promote the Argos which he never bothered to do or some of the other money form hosting 3 out of 4 grey cups. Only thing what this cheapskate would do is probably put $50 into renovating York university!

The soccer crowd in Toronto seem pretty giddy that the Argos and CFL have been "presumably " turfed from BMO.

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Based on the article, it sounds like the issue with the stadium is due to delays from the province and federal government. As people have stated it is still City Property, and the city can enforce stipulations. With the lack of interest the federal government has shown in investing in stadiums for professional teams in this country, even if MLSE owned the Argos, their chances of receiving federal funding would still be minimal. I don't know much about provincial governments, but Ontario just invested money for the Pan Am games, may not be interested to invest more now.
As for the grass fields in Canada, we don't have the climate for the proper upkeep. I have heard on the radio and TV that BMO field has one of the worst playing surfaces in the MLS. FieldTurf might be better.