Argonauts can actually win the Cup.


The Argos are potentially a legitimate Grey Cup contender this year.

Overall, they may not seem to appear good enough on the surface ...

but when their Defense is clicking ...
and when Boyd, Copeland, and Lemon are all healthy in the starting lineup ...

this team is actually capable of beating the "best" teams in this league
on any given week.

They'll just need to do it in consecutive weeks during the playoffs.


Stay tuned!

or hope the team they are playing that week is not on their game 100%..

otherwise it'll be embarassing.

In theory the Leafs can win a cup too.

Anything can happen come playoff time.

I will make this prediction though. . .

IF, and I do mean IF, the Argonauts happen to win the Grey Cup, they'll win it because of some trick play that Barker & co. seem to come up with each and every week.

The Argos already beat the Stamps, the Als, and the Riders this season
... so I think they've proved that they are capable.

when they were at their best??

did either of those three teams come out and play a great game and score many points and play fantastic when the Argos won?

no?... hmm

well.. yes.. when all your good players are healthy and your defense is clicking.. all the teams are capable of beating any other team..
I actually think that, for the most part, any team this year has the ablilty to upset any other team, and they have..
Just hope the upset does not happen during the final games, or does happen, depending on the game we are talking about..

altaeria - you are 100% correct

The Argos COULD win the Grey Cup. All those who say it could not happen just have to look at how many times they were wrong in picking the winning teams every week. I don't see anyone who is 100% in picking winning teams. All it takes is three wins in the post season. It has happened in the past and will happen again in the future.

I am hardly an Argo apologist. I think it's safe to say that everyone knows I hate the Argos, but comments like those of cflisthebest annoy me to know end. Is the only team that deserves credit for their wins the Riders? The Argos beat the Riders on their turf. It doesn't matter how they won, they won. Give credit where credit is due. You can't discount a team's wins just because the other team didn't show up.

And did you ever think that perhaps the Riders, Stamps and Als didn't play well because the Argos game planned better? The Argos deserve all the credit in the world for beating those teams.

You really have a talent. Only you could make me defend he Argos. You're like a bloody Sith lord.

As for the question at hand, of course they have a shot. Now, that shot will end when they lose the East Semi to Hamilton, but they have a shot.

well.. sucks the Argos but those 2 trick plays were fantastic, really fooled our guys..

you know why?

because if you were to take both teams, have them playing at their best, top of their game, no mistakes.. perfect running machine kinda game. The Riders would win. Why? because the Riders are a better team.

Says you. The game isn't played on paper, pal. It's played on the field where anything can happen. Just because the team has the most talent, doesn't mean they'll always win.

And when was the last time you saw a team, in any sport, play a perfect game? It doesn't happen. The Riders got beat. Quit coming up with excuses. I could just as easily say that if the Cats didn't fumble twice against Saskatchewan that they would have won the game. But things happen in a game. So quit whining and give the Argos the credit they deserve for doing something no team has done this year: go into Regina and beat the almighty Roughriders.

And you and I both know that if an Eskimos fan was making these statements, you'd be all over them. Just accept that, on Saturday, the Argos were the better team and move on. Should they meet again, perhaps the outcome is different. But perhaps it won't be.

Stop jinxing us...

sure if you believe in stuff like that.

You are not alone, my friend, you are not alone. :cry:

i do.. very superstitious when it comes to football... and some other things too...
All I know is last year I was its not over till its over and with under a minute I finally said, we are going to win.. then blam.. we lost..

I'm with jaz on this one. :cowboy:

yea ok!..

I'm pretty sure if the Argos were a western team and had to play Calgary 3 times, and Saskatchewan 3 times.. or perhaps one of them 4 times.

their record would likely not be 7-7

sure, yes. every team in the CFL has had an off game or two.

the top three teams in the league have each had 2 games where they completely sucked.

Calgary had a poor game vs B.C. and Montreal.

Montreal had a poor game vs Toronto and Calgary and B.C. but that Calgary game wasn't as bad as the othe two.

Riders have had poor games vs Edmonton, Winnipeg and now Toronto.

But.. Toronto has had poor games more often. hence the 7 losses.

Toronto's weakness is it's ability to play a strong offensive game week after week.

these 4 teams (B.C. Toronto, Hamilton, Winnipeg) all have something in common.. Suspect Quarterbacking.

which is why they're what they are.

Toronto and Hamilton have played a more consistent game this year yes. but they've also had games where they've looked awful!!

Every team this season has had a handful of Great games and then some poor games.

there has not been 1 team this year that has run away with the league and never really had anyone give them a run for their money.

But the Argos will have to get their Offense in gear if they truly hope to get back to Edmonton at the end of November.

I dont think any of the teams have had stellar years this year. They have all been handed thier butts once or twice.. No team is a lock to win Grey Cup or even get to Grey Cup...

there’s 1 way to make sure your team has success more often than failures.

  1. Preparation

  2. scouting

  3. management

  4. coaching

If your team has great preparation methods you will have great results.

now the only problem is, if you don’t have better talent than some of the other teams… you may be prepared but you will still lose.

on the flip side… if you are a team like Calgary or Montreal that has a lot of talent and great skill, then you have already beaten the other team half of the way.

  1. Scouting is how you find the talent to make your team successful.

if you can’t find great players, you can’t make strides in getting better.

Toronto has definitely made some great finds this season, Cory Boyd, Owens,

  1. Management is a big key because great management finds ways to create winning teams. by finding the right players, making the right trades… finding the right coaches… if you have poor management, you are already falling behind!

  2. Coaching

anyone knows that a coach who is capable of motivating his team will usually earn more W’s than a coach that cannot motivate. Coaches have got to be able to make his players believe in what he’s teaching and take it to heart!

If you have coaches that will make the players accountable for their own play and their own actions, that takes care of a lot of the troubles.

Trestman and Hufnagel do a fantastic job of that! they know who’s boss and the players will quickly learn the same thing!

IF you have these 4 important things down and are really well done… you will be a successful Football team! and you’ll win way more than you will lose.

nobody is going to go 18-0. it’s just not possible!

but you look at the teams that year after year are always at the top of the standings, always challenging for the big game… these 4 reasons above usually are why.

luck has something to do with it, but luck won’t make you 13-5. that comes with great preparation, great talent and great coaching.