Argonauts big news Ricky Ray signs with Toronto

Difference being, Durant does not have a performance based contract. If he sits on the bench or on the IR the Riders still owe him $400k or whatever his full salary might be.

If Ricky Ray sits on the bench or on the IR, the Argos only owe him the $275k base.

No idea where you get the idea that Durant will be released on Regina. What a disastrous move that would be. Riders have garbage behind Durant so their only option would be to sign Harris and hope he can develop into a championship caliber QB.

Sure would be ironic if Kevin Glenn ends up being the Riders starting QB next season.

Depends what style of quarterback they want. Harris and Durant couldn't be more different. I suspect Jones will take McDoo with him. Will also likely take White, Sewell, Grymes and a few players as well.

Jones loves big boys on the corners, like Brandon Browner; so I’d expect he’d want to, not necessarily that he will be able to, bring along Pat Watkins and John Ojo; mind you, he did have a shouting match on the sidelines with Watkins in the post-season, though I don’t recall reading anything afterwards as to what that was all about.

Those two are under contract for at least another year.

And Durant gets hurt again.

Which version of Darian Durant are you thinking about? Not sure the Grey Cup winning DD will be available now or ever.

Elbow looked fine last year so I'm not concerned about that. Torn achilles is devastating for a speed position like RB, but for a QB not so much - - much "better" than having concussion issues or a shoulder injury.

So...Harris likely looking elsewhere, probably Massoli as well. Where do they end up?

Can't see SK signing either one, they'll be fine with Durant and Smith. Only teams I can see being interested are Winnipeg and Montreal trying for Harris and Ottawa trying for Massoli (Burris can't last forever). Does Winnipeg try to make a big splash by signing a new QB and an elite Canadian RB? Does Montreal stand pat with Glenn? Does Ottawa cross their fingers and hope they can get one more good year out of Burris?

Going to be an interesting off season. Too bad the league has such a restrictive salary cap.

The only place Masoli is going is back to the scrap heap. The guy is complete garbage.

Yet he seemed to do all right in the last few games of the season, so your dismissal of him may be premature.

Not sure if you watched them or not, but in two of his three games as a starter Masoli couldn't even manage to break 150yds.

As always, I stand by my assessments. Masoli is total junk - - no arm strength and no ability to read coverage. Best comparison I can give you is to imagine Mike Bishop minus the arm.