Argonauts big news Ricky Ray signs with Toronto

signs and will be back.

How you doing, McMahon? Or are you mattsdad?

Whatever happened to that 'presser' about Steinauer you were telling us about?

Link on the news.

No term or $$$ reported yet. No surprise, being a CG hosting year they'll want the veteran at pivot.

That's likely curtains for Harris's tenure in Toronto. Wonder where he'll end up.

Some team that will appreciate his talents no doubt. I honestly thought they learned their lesson with Collaros. Twice now they developed an elite QB in their system and now it looks like it will be a second time they're failing to take advantage of it...

True. It would be tough to let an up can coming QB go. Just can't see Harris coming back, unless the Ray contract is a 1 year term

If Harris stays, I'm going to make a special DiCaprio meme, just for him...

even if Ray's deal is just a 1 year term I can't see Harris sticking around as he is a FA and immediate starter material who will be 30 next season.

This could come back to haunt the Argos as Ray's shelf life is near expiry and may never be the same after suffering serious injuries/surgery while Harris could simply sign with division rival Als who are likely in the market for a good starter.

edit: it is a 2 year deal at $490,000 per season........i.e.Harris is GONE

I’m sure the Argos have some younger prospects that they could very well like better than Harris.

QB's that lead the league in TD's, 2nd in Efficiency Rating and 3rd in Yards passing (in only 16 games) are not easily replaced nor found.

The Argos better hope beyond hope that Ray can return to form after the injuries as he threw for only 423 yards and two touchdowns in 3 games this past season.

Hardly stellar numbers even for a raw rookie.

If my Argos lose Harris over this, this will be yet another catastrophic screw up.

Ray still has 5 years left.. Why shouldn't Harris be able to start somewhere else?

@garylawless: Ricky Ray deal with @TorontoArgos is for two years, 16 and 17 @cfl and leaves cash on table for Argos to also sign Trevor Harris

[url=] ... 1012370432[/url]

@FarhanLaljiTSN: Deal is for 2 years, more than half is incentive based. Could hit 490k RT @garylawless
Ricky Ray has signed a new deal with @TorontoArgos

[url=] ... 0089198592[/url]

Sounds like $245K is base pay in case Harris returns as starter.
If Harris doesn't return and Ray is the starter, he'll make $490K.

Seems like a smart contract for the argos as it gives them a capable starter next year regardless of Harris' decision.

Ray seems to be giving the job to Harris if he wants it.

Ray is coming up to 37 and on top of this has not played the last two years due to serious injuries.
Very risky and frankly stupid if Harris leaves.

They let him out of treatment already ? :?

If Chris Jones takes the GM/HC position in Saskatchewan, could Trevor Harris-if he becomes a free agent- sign with Saskatchewan? Time will tell.


Possibly, especially if he takes his OC with him which would be very likely. But then Durant might end up in Toronto. Could end up being a very good scenario for TO because I don't think they have a prayer in hell of signing Harris.

It'd be absolutely insane for the Riders to choose Harris over Durant.

Because that's what it would come down to - - a choise between one or the other. Unlike Ricky Ray's performance based contract, Regina is on the hook for Durant's full ticket. Harris has already made it known that he's looking for big dollars. Which really limits his options.

I like Harris' game - - although not nearly as much as I like that of Collaros - - but I'd take Durant hands down over both Harris and Ricky Ray.

CFL contracts to players are not guaranteed. Durant could be released anytime with no financial impact to the Roughriders. I can't imagine Jones sticking with Durant,particularly since he has not played much during the last 1 1/2 seasons.