Argonauts acquire Harrington's rights

March 15, Toronto Star: The Toronto Argonauts have gained exclusive CFL rights to former Detroit Lions starting quarterback Joey Harrington by placing his name on their negotiation list.

Argos general manager Adam Rita said he made the move after Harrington was released by the Miami Dolphins, with whom he played last season, on March 6. However, Rita said he had not spoken to the player and had no immediate plan to do so.

"We're pretty set at that position right now," he said. "But he's someone we might want to look at down the road."

Wouldn’t that be a riot… Herrington and McMahon competing to be the #1 QB… IN TORONTO!

Do we still have Eli Manning and Kurt Warner on our neg list lol? Maybe we should put Daunte Culpeper on our list also.

Nah. Leave it to Adam Rita and his sidekick Greg Mohns.

They love to create a big kerffufle about nothing.

Even I could do Adam Rita's job. All I'd have to do is identify every marginally talented QB who played a handfull of NFL games before disappointing and being cut, then put them on the Argos negotiation list.

Harrington, like Crouch and McMahon, won't be the answer in Toronto.

Seriously, don't the Argos have a scouting department capable of wooing a good, young US college QB up to Toronto right out of school?

Where is the next Tracy Ham?

Looks like the Argos will have 5, yes 5 qb's in camp. The legendary Allen, potential's Crouch and McMahon, The very young Tom Arth, which you requested, and now the impressive Michael Bishop. A lot of talent in this group and one will win the starting job after a competitive camp. Sounds good too me and Rita is doing his job. Cat's are banking on Mass again, is there any competition for him or is he going to go through the motions this year again at Brock?

[quote="ticatsackattack"]Seriously, don't the Argos have a scouting department capable of wooing a good, young US college QB up to Toronto right out of school? quote]

Nope :smiley: ! It's not a big problem, the Argos always find ways to get great QB's. Besides the QB's that the Argos have now are all very talented.

Under the heading of "Tea Pot calling the Kettle Black & Gold" ... or "Why let the FACTS get in the way of a good INSULT" ...

Seriously, don't the Argos have a scouting department capable of ...
The FACTS are, ticat..attack, Bishop and MCMahon are BETTER QB's than ANY currently on the Ticat Roster ... Crouch is a LOAD of potential (on par with Richie Wiliams) and Damon Allen is a more than capable BACK-UP Hall of Famer.

Furthermore, compared to Timmy Chang, Joey Harrington looks like the next coming of Dave Dickenson.

The Hamilton scouting staff may have an advantage over the so-called scrubs you have called out in Toronto ... but I would HARDLY USE the QB position to MAKE that argument.


Crouch didnt have the arm to throw in college never mind in the CFL

Here's the Detroit Lions weblink to the contoversy in the Motor City over which was to be the QB back in '03.

[url=] ... _id=124137[/url]

Is Joey Heatherton also on the Argos' negotiation list too?

She can read defences better than Michael Bishop, but I digress... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In her prime, she also caused a lot of "pocket presence" in her male fans. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Never went for the blondes myself. On the other hand... if you can call up the cover of 'Whipped cream and Other Delights' by Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass...

Her spirals are tighter than Eric Crouch, but clearly she has much ne sais quoi... than Mike McMahon...

:D :D :D

Gives the "Blue Team" a whole new meaning, eh? :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Not quite as good as the original in my opinion (this is the later remix cover) but certainly high enough in calorie* content.

  • a scientific definition of calorie would be suitable here

i.e. - units of thermal energy

1 calorie is enough heat to raise the temperature of one mL of water from 15.5 *C to 16.5 *C

the dieter's calorie is actually 1000 of those, or a kCal.

But that's not what the cover is raising in me.

The Argos have a history with the Harrington name.
Ed Harrington was one of the best DE's in league history IMO, playing for Leo Cahill's Argos back in the sixties.

Man does that bring back memories........

Same time, same team....Doyle Orange and Ed Shuttlesworth.