Argonaut uniforms...CHANGED

Hi Argo fans. I'm a Ticat fan, obviously. On my own website, I have designed my own CFL gear, to counter the RBK looks, by computer-altering the colours of exisiting pictures. I have a link to the Argo page if you are interested in seeing my take on their uniforms...or any others. I created a third jersey for them as well. The home jersey in particular, is one I think is much-improved. Feel free to explore the site.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people think of it.

do away with the lines across the jersey cuz they make it look like the jersey is inside out, and i't looks really good mate, and it can be the future TO jersey.

saw it, but hated it. Not saying that the concept wasn't interesting, but if you're gonna do some "uniform editing", at least attempt it using a professional graphics program. Doing it in Paintshop makes it look very amateur and bush. The league does not need that.

If you can suggest a better program (and I have it) then I'll try it again, how's that? But I think you have to overlook the program, and just go with the general idea.