Argonaut Fans Tailgating Area

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No wonder I could never find the party. I was always looking at the wrong parking lot.
I thought it was the lot directly across from SkyDome.
Thanks for clearing that up.

I'll think I'll join this party on the openner can't wait for the season to start.

Definately, SW corner of Bremner and York, SW corner of that lot.

Our first regular season tailgate will be a tribute to a man we lost this off season, Grey Cup Garry passed away early December, he will also be honored at the game.

I'll be making Pulled Pork, his favorite dish he brought to the tailgates. And we will be taking donations for his favorite charity - CFL Fans Fight Cancer.

See you all July 11th!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm pulled pork!

I'll make a donation for sure!

Home opener and pulled pork. I'm drooling.

Stop drinking from the Moria river, should fix that drooling problem!

I grew up in Belleville, Quinte Saints baby!! What high school did you attend fanwithoutateam?

Small World. I was the time keeper for my 4 years in Highscool for the saints. $7 a game to keep time and watch football :slight_smile:

Actually I grew up in Kingston and attended QE.
Have just been in Belleville for the last couple of years.
Love the scoreboard at QHS, not many high schools can boast of
having an electric scoreboard.

Unfortunately they didn't have that board when I went their between 92-95.

can somone please reup the info? nolonger exists....

The new Argo fan forum can be found at Friends of the Argonauts,
Hope this helps.