Argo Tix 30% off promo code

Enter ARGOSCAA to get 30% off tickets to this weeks game

Here is the link, just enter the Code.

I just checked the availability of seats, There is a lot of seats sold for this game :thup:

Should be fun celebrating the first Regular Season Ticats Game in the BIG Smoke :rockin:

are the Ticats doing anything before the game on Friday?

How did you find this promo?
Directly through CAA, or some other website?

the discount promotion was on the caa website i had mentioned this earlier in the bus trip thread i had purchased my tickets through a argo ticket rep that was calling me to purchase tickets

Bump :rockin: Looks like there will be a BIG Crowd for the Argos Home Opener :thup:

This is the kind of thing that the Argos and TiCats should have organized and have it offered to Ti Cat season Ticket holders as an option when they are renewing or buying there new season tickets.
They wonder why more do not go from Hamilton; putting aside the hatters of RC, the Traffic on the QEW, and whatever reason people give. being uniquely so close. should be one game a season where the RC is Rocking with rival fans from the same metro area.
The CFL could also accommodate by making it on a sataurday evening start. Giving time for fans to get there, the Hamilton TiCats radio to get set up for a pre game show live outside of RC. Argos Radio is on TSN Toronto so an easy tie and promotion to the game for Argos pre game show outside live on the opposite side of the stadium.
Especially with no Labor Day game the ability to have this match up to open the season combined with limited seating at Guelph which has its own set of issues for people from Hamilton going to the games. Depending on where you live as a Ti Cat fan it could be easier to get to RC then Guelph opening up an option of another game for fans to attend withing reasonable distance.

They do !

Dear Season Ticket Holder,


This Friday, June 28 at 7 p.m. your Tiger-Cats kick off the regular season in Toronto against the Argonauts. We want you there cheering on the Black and Gold to their first win of the 2013 campaign.

To celebrate the return of Ticats football, we've secured an exclusive ticket deal for all 2013 season seat holders. The tickets will be discounted by approximately 15% across the board, with gold, silver and bronze level price points available. To purchase, visit and enter the password OPENERTC.

If you have any questions, or would prefer to purchase your tickets over the phone, call 416-341-ARGO (2746) and ask for the "Hamilton opener" offer.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Rogers Centre on Friday!


Can't make it to Toronto for the game? We've got you covered. Join Ticats TV host Jordan and the Ticats Cheerleaders Friday night at Buffalo Wild Wings (524 Centennial Parkway N.) for the Tiger-Cats official away game party. Watch the game with other Ticats fans and enjoy food and drinks from Buffalo Wild Wings' menu. We'll be giving away prizes every quarter and giving you a chance to win a grand prize trip to the Sunday, October 20 game vs. the Alouettes in Montreal every road game.

Don't miss out on your chance to win! Join us Friday starting at 6:30 p.m. at the official party headquarters of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Oskee Wee Wee,

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

When was this offer released the at the time that season tickets were purchased or just a few days ago?

when did you receive this notice tc23?

As STH's, we have not yet received this opt-in and are seriously contemplating purchasing tickets for the game as well, searching for the best price option available which seem to be the CAA 30% discount.

Are there decent seats still available?

no clue where you got that offer but I haven't seen it either.
So far the CAA deal looks the best though.

What's the over/under on your prediction: 3 years? 10 years?

you have been hanging with Mikem far too much Earl. :o

What does that have to do with this thread?

I don't see why you need to complain and whine about things and be so negative. Yes the situation in ON is not where anyone wants it. This is NOT news. You do not have to bring it up in almost every thread, although it certainly is your right to do so.

You promised to stop complaining about toilet bowls or some such nonsense, how about stretch that to anything CFL/ Ontario related for a change. Just some polite (I hope) criticism! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: <--- Look even lots of emoticons!

Anyhow, looks like this deal may be the best deal out there, short of the Cat's Claws trip. They are on the 3rd bus, we have our tickets. $55 for section 127&128 I believe.

This CAA deal almost gets tickets to where the should be, although I still think too expensive.

As far as lots of seats being sold, to me it seems not that great, especially on the visitors side. And the tickets shown through this deal are different then those shown through normal ticket master.

Im hoping for 24-25k, and it should be a good time. That amount of people will make for a great atmosphere, so hopefully some people on the fence about going change there mind. Earl, even you would have a lot of fun I bet!

I am going to feel a bit embarrassed for the Argos, raising a banner, and I bet it will be a bad crowd at the start, and very quiet. Wont be great for TV. I hope its a great offensive game and give everyone a reason to return!

I got it at the beginning of the week, but the other deal is better

This is what I am saying shouldn't this be something that is coordinated with the Argos in the off season and offered as part of the Hamilton season ticket package at the time of the renewed or new season tickets are bought. While the excitement of season tickets coming out and the addition of only paying an additional 25-30 dollars for the tickets at your rivals home stadium with months in advance to plan to make arrangements for getting there or having the CFL and the Argos having the insight to play that game on a Saturday evening. If RC is available for an Argos game for a friday night it would be available for a saturday night as well as this would mean a weekend where the Jays are out of town. Also giving RC enough time for the stadium to be converted back for baseball if the Jays are scheduled to start a home stand on a tues. night.
Edmonton has already planned two years in advance to have their home pre season game relocated to a different site with commonwealth being scheduled for World Cup Soccer use so maybe the CFL is getting to the point where they are able to plan things in advance instead of having 5 months until opening day and Hamnilton still not having a stadium for home games this season set yet

Should be an exciting atmosphere in the Rogers Centre with the Argos coming off a 100th Grey Cup winning season from last year and a Cat squad that I think will be GC contenders this year.

Yes i bet that will happen , this game will not sell out , (30,000)

that is too bad. but at least get 27,000 , hopefully if the argos win the attendance stays the same , do not go back to it's 20,000 after this game.

Does any one know if the Argos have the Scotiabank ticket deal? I don't understand why people complain about CFL ticket prices when you could get get Bronze tickets at IWS for half price, they were good $50 seats. I see that Scotiabank is still advertising their deal so I assume it's valid at Guelph. Scotiabank must be pulling their sponsorship at the end of this season.