Argo/Ticat score?

What was the final score in the Tor Ham game last night? The live play by play says 21-11 but if you add up the score by quarter it says 24-11

21-11 was the final...damon allen only played 1 series.

eric crouch came in the 4th 14-11 score and tossed 2 INT's, one leading to a TD.

While I try not to put too much stock in the score of a pre-season game, here's an interesting little nugget: at no point during the two pre-season games did the Ticats trail, even by a single point. The Argos' best position on the scoreboard was at the beginning of the games, when the score was 0-0.

Not bad, considering the Ticats have had trouble beating the Argos in any games in the past few years.

Those who say the Ticats have not improved, you may now remove your heads from your butts. :lol:

the ticats are much improved and im looking forward to being at week 2's battle between the tabbies and als.

its preseason.....dont get your panties in a knot...most teams didnt even scheme for the games and ran the same plays over and over to try to evaluate guys who will getting the axe week is what you can base it upon....

Funny I don't remember anyone (besides me) saying that when the Argos beat the Ticats in preseason games.

And if you think I've changed my tune, here's a reminder of how I started my previous post:

There is no ? in my mind.

HAMILTON is almost like a CFL all star team , with a coach that knows the CFL game.

I pick them 1st in the EAST this year. But when the real shooting starts this SATURDAY at the Dome in Toronto , we will have to wait and see? :thup:

It is hard to beat the same team 3 times in a row. But if the ARGOS are really as bad in the pre season as they will be in the regular season , it will be a long year for the ARGOS. :frowning:

Some how I think that the ARGOS will be allot better when it counts. :thup: