Argo third jersey?

Don't have one, as far as I know. Should the Argos get one?

If so, what colours could they do? For some reason, I imagined a brown Argo jersey...or maybe they would just bring out the light blue, and make it the main colour rather than dark blue, but keep the same design.


no...the argos dont need a 3rd jersey.

As a Ticat fan I’d have to say…WHO CARES!

Light blue jersey, Dark Blue shoulder stripes, and dark numbers? I think dark would be easier to read, on light blue? Whatever shiiietty game today, we need a QB, Damon go buy a new finger with all of Williams stupid money.

Yeah, they should have spent 500k on an o-line. :cowboy:

The argos are gimicky enough without a third jersey

I think they should go for PINK :rockin:
with little yellow flowers sprinkled around the jersey,
O-shea will look pretty in pink :lol:

I dont really care, but to keep with the trend of 3rd jersey, which is turning the minor colour to the dominant one, it would probably be the light blue. All light blue like the cats' 3rd is all gold and the bombers 3rd is all plainer gold, and bc all orange, etc etc.

I thought i read somewhere they are waiting until next year to bring out a thrid jsersey.

umm…bc’s all orange jersey isnt thier 3rd jersey…its thier normal home jersey.

They should go with the powder blue jersey design and the old "A" helmets for a third jersey. You know, that 1970s era of Anthony Davis and Terry Metcalf when they always had the Grey Cup won in June with their latest American saviour.

Deja vu all over again, eh?

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,

Aren’t you the funny one. :slight_smile:
I think they should wear Black and Gold for their third jersey and wear them on labour day. :stuck_out_tongue:

WHO CARES!!!.. the blue team could have 496 jerseys for all I care… you’ll NEVER see one hanging in my closet… unless I needed a MOTH catcher