ARGO starting line up!

Next SATURDAY , JUNE , 17th : 3pm. Be there. :thup:

[barring practise injury : source : coach ADAM RITA [sp]

The ARGO STREET FEST [the tail gate starts at 11am out side gate 8] :thup:

This will be for REAL. :thup:

Allot of media from all over North America will be there. The T.V. numbers should be huge. :thup:

HAMILTON , looks really good , so many CATS fans should be there. :thup:

The ARGOS will start DAMON ALLEN , with Williams and Canadian JEFF JOHNSON in the back field. :thup:

AVERY [back up or platoon] and BASHIR still have their jobs. Stokes , is hurt.

The ARGOS will have 9 new players [including Williams].Williams did better tonight in another ARGO loss. CROUCH may be gone. WYNN , is back up Q.B. [he needs more work]

The real ARGO defence , should be ready for MAAS , as they have seem him allot lately.

If the ARGOS remember how to throw , catch the ball , block , tackle this should be just another CFL classic. :thup:

And it is hard for any team to beat 1 team 3 times in a row. :thup: :smiley:

yep , AVERY made the cut.

u bringin any signs, HT?

Maybe , but it should be packed and hopefully a much better game than the last 2.

Lots of media will be there from all over N.A. and the T.V. ratings should be huge.

Even if the ARGOS loose , if it is a typical great CFL game , we all win[well ,except for the ARGOS]

who is going from here?

any one?

I have season tickets, so I will be at the Rogers Centre for this game!