Argo ST Total Poll

If/When the Argos' announce, how many Season Tickets do you think they will have sold prior to game one of the Regular Season???

I am betting on 10-12K. For me, anything more is gravy. Anything less is a disappointment. What do you think? Options :

A) < 5,000
B) 5,000 - 7,500
C) 7,500 - 10,000
D) 10,000 - 12,500
E) 12,500 - 15,000
F) 15,000+

I think it'll be under 10K, but that it should still be considered a success. Let's not measure success against a mythical 15K amount.

Also, Ottawa counts multiple 3-game packs as a season ticket sale. I suspect the Argos would do something like that as well and I include that in my total.

Hope you're wrong, my friend. I sure hope they break 10K.

I do too, but it just seems like such an extreme jump...

I know. Good point. But we can always hope.

12k sounds appropriate.
even with the 3000(?) ST's sold last year, there was still an average attendance of 14000.

which points to a decent walk up. so im not worried in any case. the upcoming marketing and tailgating in year one will make year two a great success. once people really get to experience what is being sold even late season will see sellouts.

I’m saying between the 10 and 12.5K range. They were around 5K last year (link is somewhere 15K STH thread) so with a good marketing push, they should be able to get into that next bracket.

Why didn't you include an option of 20,000+ in the voting?

I'm sure there's at least one or two who would pick that option.

Because we're not that lucky. :slight_smile:

12,000+ Full Season Tickets.

including any flex packs, i think just a bit north of 15 thousand. Its going to be a madhouse at the new exhibition stadium this summer.

I cant see any game being less than a sellout. The argos have averaged higher than 27,000 at rogers center in the past decade so im sure a new stadium for Argos will bring those fans back

Yes but how many were giveaways? There won't be any of those with this group in charge. I still think a 23K stadium would have been better for the Argos.