Argo sign another big Name WR from the NFL.

"Bethel Johnson is a speedy and athletic 'deep threat' receiver who is also an accomplished return man. He should give us great depth, and we expect him to come in and challenge for a starting position.

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I don't understand why Blue Team always get this great NFL Prospects. I know Each Teams has a Neg list.

I like to see the Neg list done away with.
I like to see The CFL Open Drafting to Players world Wide and Not just Canada.
It makes look so bush league.

The CFL should Have two Drafts.
One for Canada Talent
one for World Talent
Instead of a Neg List.

Dose anyone else think The Argos are Pushing the Cap to it Limit?
Toronto is looking awfully good and make me Sick saying so


Toronto attracts the former NFL players because it is a metropolitan city with cultural diversity and is the largest media market in the country. The players probably like the fact that they can rub elbows with other professional athletes in the city as well with the Raptors, Leafs, and Blue Jays as neighbours.

The ____s are probably the most recognizable franchise in the CFL to people south of the border and when a player is going to decide where to play in Canada, more often than not, his first choice is going to be Toronto. As a Tiger-Cat fan it hurts, but that is the truth.

The ____s are also the kings of signing players with name recognition as a ploy to keep the team in the headlines and use this tactic to help sell tickets.

Like seriously, Bethel Johnson? He was the worst receiver on a Patriot team that was known for having a no name receiving corps. And that was years ago before he hurt his knee and was cut three times.

Call me when they sign someone who will make the opening day roster.

  • paul

Oh this just in, Bethel Johnson's family just bought seasons tickets. Brad Watters just pumped his fist in satisfaction and Adam Rita just asked Greg Mohns when the no refund date is.

The neg list helps to keep player salaries down. Without it, an American player could call 2 or 3 CFL teams to let them know he's interested in coming north. If he's got decent credentials, a bidding war begins for his services. If he can only go to one CFL team, his bargaining power is severely limited.

Besides, I don't see guys like Boston and Johnson as blue chippers anymore. They are coming to the CFL for a reason and it isn't to see polar bears. If they even make the team it's usually for a less than stellar year before they're gone for good.

An Argo-Cat fan

If the ____'s want to sign another ex Con…er I mean ex NFL player…go for it after all the last well known crop of Ricky Williams and Andre Rison and such were oh so successful for them…

Whatever…the ____'s will alway s__k IMO no matter who they put on the field.

I’m a Cats fan…it’s gotta be that way.

I don't know if I would consider Bethel Johnson a big name NFL receiver. His NFL pass catching stats are really nothing great.

The only really noteable thing about his career is that he was on a couple Super Bowl winning teams.

Meh, I thought Patrick Johnson was going to light it up with them last year, didn't quite work out that way. The boatmen are cursed when it comes to washed up NFL players, just look at the long list of guys who didn't get it done, Edwards, Ricky, Jamel White, P Johnson, McMan, Bad Moon Rison.

It's always the same story every year, they sign guys who had success in the NFL so that's obviously going to mean that these guys will be completely unstoppable and break every league record without breaking a sweat. It's more like they come up here out of shape, do a lot of drugs, get injured, get cut go back home and have to work normal jobs for the rest of their life because they all squandered their big nfl dollars foolishly.

Does anybody know how the neg list works? Are there any rules about it? Is there a limit to how many guys can be on it? Do they stay on forever, or drop off after a while, etc.

So funny, but the cats signing miles is a great move. It really is black and gold colored glasses on here. Everyone is so excited about miles and a bunch of guys named 'who'. If it was the cats signing Bethel it would be the story of the year on here with everyone calling obie a genius. You may disagree but again, take off the glasses and put down the koolaid. Its a great move by the argos to give him a shot and a great signing.

There is a limit. You can put anybody on the list you want, i'm not sure how long you can leave somebody on there...i'm not sure if there is a limit to how long somebody remains on your list.

You only have the first right to sign the player, if the player doesn't want to play for you, his rights can be traded.

Usually the list is comprised of non-imports who are out of college, on an NFL roster whom you hope you can some day get your hands on. It's a crap shoot most of the time.

he is nothing, why waste your time giving this guy praise he doesn't deserve. As far as I am concerned Ponder is a better receiver/returner than Johnson.

Maybe, but nobody said either of them are gonna do anything? you sign and bring a lot of guys to camp and are taking a look at them all, why not johnson? I see no reason for them not to give him a look, thats what training camp is for.

Have to agree Beet…
Why don’t Cats Gamble more on these NFL Cast offs.
Bring them in Camp if they don’t cut it then bye bye.
The Upside is worth the chance…

Lol your right we would be praising the move if we signed him and if the argo's had a great history of dominating the league with washed up NFL guys then I'd be worried.

I dont think anyone needs to be worried, but there is nothing at all wrong with the move.

What do you expect on the forums located at the official site of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats? A bunch of ____s fans?

Go to Boston and start chatting up some locals about how great the Yankees are, see how far that gets you.

You can't honestly tell me you are surprised are you?

Tiger-Cat fans on a Tiger-Cat owned and moderated message board ... shocking!!

  • paul

Some of us can look at things truthfully and expect better. I wont cheer every move the cats make because I am a fan. I tell the truth the way I see it. This team COMPLETELY STINKS, but everything they do is perfect and every move the other teams(that win) is bad. Rah...........go fill the koolaid mug again, its getting low. A team with this record deserves every bit of criticism they get.

And how does your sports cliche spewing negativity impact the team in a positive matter? Do the football management team read these boards and find motivation in your posts to do their jobs better because of your quest for truth? Or do you just contribute to the reputation that the presence of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in cyberspace is littered with negative and fickle fans who will be the first to jump on the bandwagon once the team starts winning?

I am all for honest football talk and debate, but come on man, you can't take yourself that seriously can you?

We are fans of a professional sports franchise, it's not a life and death situation for most of us. This is a luxury item we have been afforded.

  • paul

Not all Moves are good
Not all the moves are bad eather
I just team would take more chances when signing NFL Castoffs.

We will see when Bethel hits the field. The history of high-profile "NFL castoffs" making it big in Canada is not a stellar one. I think Bethel has the wheels to be an impact receiver here, but his hands? Not sold on that.

Oski Wee Wee,

It's a no risk move by the Argos on a guy who's football career was basically over. I bet he didn't sign for very much money. So the guy runs fast. As I've said many times, I'd rather have good football players then guys who have good 'combine numbers.' It doesn't matter if a guy runs a fast 40 time, or if he's 6'3" and benches 225 45 times. Can he play football? Bethel Johnson's not a great football player even though he can run fast.

The one part of his game that may make him dangerous is that he's a kick returner on a team that's been known to run back a lot of kicks. The fact that the Argos score a lot of return TDs tells me that they have good blocking for their return teams and Mr. Johnson may be able to use that, along with the bigger field, to his advantage.