Argo Season Tickets

I just laid out $1400 for season tickets and have a concern. Do you actually receive the tickets in the mail or do you print them off from Ticketmaster?

I HOPE that you do get actual tickets and not some mickey-mouse print them off type tickets.

For season ticket subscribers - when do you normally receive your packages?? Early June??


Argo season's have been the best in the league in recent years. Last season had all historic Argo game photos. Previous season had all star Argo players with their autograph. I kept mine all intact in the binder and got them to scan the ticket every game. It was a pain bringing the binder, but a cool keepsake.

Last year's Argo history book was a great gift too, one per account though. Tickets usually come barely in time for the season, in fact they were late one year and many of us had to pick them up at the game, which was no big deal.

Congrats on becoming a season ticket holder.

Last Years tickets where nice but i didn't keep all my stubs,

Here are the pics

It depends on when you ordered your tickets. If you ordered by a certain date, the tickets will be printed on special stock, like the example Mulder provided (probably because Toronto hosted the GC last year). If you did it after the cut-off date, then they'll be printed on basic Ticketmaster-looking stock.

Thanks for the feedback guys...great looking tickets!

I got laid off and need to sell some or all of my tickets for this upcoming season. I signed up for the 3-year plan, but ideally, would like to sell some tickets for the 2008 season.


Never fails......

See the other thread regarding Argos season tickets for more details.