Argo season tickets available?

Anyone know any NFL lovers looking to dump their Argo season tickets for the whole year?

I purchased Argos season tickets, but not any Bills tickets, in the Platinum section of seats....

Section: 239
Row: 4
Seats: 5 and 6

They are $70.00 per ticket (cost) and $1400.00 for the season. You also get a crack at playoff tickets if applicable. I signed up for a 3 year commitment.

I was laid off work and I'm looking to sell most if not all tickets for this season only.

If you're interested let me know.....

Post on the forum and you sure to find someone to buy some tix.

I had Argo season tickets for 21 years but I dropped them because they took my 500 level seats from me for the second time. I could have gone downstairs, but the view either stinks or the seats are over-priced ($70 for example). I would be willing to pay $40 a ticket. If you are interested in selling, let me know. I would take the whole season or whatever you are willing to sell.

Thanks! Never thought of that. I've got a few offers for some games already, friends who may be interested and they make a great gift!

Go Argos!