Argo`s site should promote the argo`s not bills

sell the argos and the cfl first not the bills and the nfl, they sell the nfl, they dont sell our game and the cfl.

                Come on CFL and argo`s smarten up!

Give it a rest already will ya?

For once I agree with Spidey. Why is there a pop-up for the Bills when you go to the Argos site? If they want to advertise the games, fine. But drop the pop-up...

I was all set to send them a nasty note when I went to the site, but really, its nothing.

Substitute tickets to Rock concerts, or playland or cne or woodbine or...and its no big deal. Just a promo to get more argos st holders. I hate that they are having anything to do with NFL in toronto, but since they are, nothing wrong with trying to use it to sell argo tickets.

Well then, does the Bills website have an Argos promo of any kind? I doubt it (although I have not checked)

Why can't the Argos try to get fans from Buffalo?

If there are so many Toronto fans that go to Bills games, doesn't it seem like trying to get Bills fans to Argo games is worth a shot?

The NFL's promotional super-machine is already a few steps ahead of the Toronto market. How many more steps before it is too late to catch up?

The Argos do stand to gain from the Bills playing there so it makes sense to advertise the Bills game, I don't know what the big deal is.

are you guys nuts. the pop up is informing people that by renewing their SEASON TICKETS that they automatically get a ticket for the bills. game. made out for season ticket holders. and other then that they have a link to enter the draw or w.e the heck it is their doing. they are not really promoting the bills. they are trying to get season ticket holders back and allow people to access tickets for the bills game. its not like they are saying hey everyone cheer on the bills and forget the cfl.


Its a big deal to doom and gloom posters like wspidel, who have no life....

OK. I stand corrected. I just hate pop-ups and I happened to see the word Bills. :lol: