Argo QB's

Take a chance on Collaros

No way. Please Nooooooooooooo

I’d rather the Argo’s take a run at Trevor Harris.

That said i think this season is all on James Franklin, and hopefully he will shine.

Yeah this could be the case. Just wondered if it would be worth it…

Bo Levi?

Looks like its James Franklin or bust.

Let’s hope James has a good year. Let him play and don’t play switch the QB every couple of games. Let him get in some rhythm. Also some confidence. Ricky is done he is to prone to injuries. Hoping for the best but not planning on the playoffs.

Not really interested in BLM. We can get our own (somehow) in that regard…

Toronto needs to sign Brandon Bridge not only from a football sense but also the business side. He’s a local Canadian Born QB. Toronto needs to somehow get people talking about them. I think Bridge has shown he can play, there is tremendous upside with this guy in 2 senses. A little Canadian pride is good PR. Just saying…

True… Do we have Picton signed already though? I believe so…

Why not sign keven Glenn?, his been the number one go to for a insurance policy at quarterback the past 6 years or so and yeah he’s getting old but would be a good guy to have to help the younger QBs get better and also can still play the QB position pretty good in case Toronto needs a QB
And plus he would be cheap

No, No, please please NO

While I have no use for MBT, keep him for 1 more season as a backup, and get a young stud to groom at the number 3 spot.

Or ditch MBT, sign Brandon Bridge as number 2 and still groom a young stud in the 3 spot

Hitch the wagon to Franklin and let him work it out. MBT as the backup is okay, actually thought he played decent last year. Even Glenn as the backup sounds good. Great mentor, class act all the way.

Got to establish #1 QB and MUST make playoffs this year to get semi-relevant again in TO.


This would be my preference. Have Franklin and Bridge battle it out for the starter’s role and have some younger guys with mobility compete for the number 3 spot with an eye to the future.

I think the content rules will change in Bridge’s favor. Commissioner addressed this with Bridge but needs to sell it to the PA.

Fingers crossed on that rule change, but even without National QBs counting toward the ratio, Bridge deserves to be in the mix.

Commissioner would also need to sell it to the owners. Why would teams without a viable NAT QB agree to allow a roster advantage for teams that have one?

And they signed Bridge today. I hope he does well and can at least attract some friends and family out to BMO.

I like Bridge, a good move to sign him.
I like his pocket presence has good wheels and likes to scramble and make things happen.
But his unorthodox weird throwing style even though he throws fastballs for sure, is a concern and at best it is average.

Hopefully they can build an offense around the skill set that Franklin and Bridge bring to the field, and if one should falter or get injured, the other can slot right in.

Another Canuck. See how he measures up.