Argo QB

The Calgary forum has 43 less posts than this one. All in all the Toronto/Hamilton series; Go Argos Go

Ya, thats because of you and me :lol:

because the cfl forum sucks.
i mean seriously, there is a stupid floating cfl logo that stops me from clicking on the cfl talk forum so i have to paste the link to get around it.

I don’t have a problem with CFL Forums, I think it’s pretty good. As for your floating CFL Logo, I don’t have a clue what your talking about, never had a problem, maybe its you. :roll:
Oh ! and by the way…argos SUCK !! :wink:



see how the fanzone logo sits over top of the forum index button so I can't get there without hitting back a bunch of times?

and here, where the cfl logo floats over the cfl talk forum so i can't get in

Do you have an ad blocker installed? I have a similar problem when one of those is installed.

I see the screen captures clearly from Firefox, so this could be a browser glitch that Jett's descendants have not addressed quite yet.

Remember those days of Jett? Those were the good old days.

Otherwise is the result the same with either Explorer or Chrome? I doubt it for Explorer, and I can tell you there are no such issues on Safari as I have used for years even when I still had a PC.

If you go to, then under the heading FANZONE, then click on Forums you can check out all the teams with no problem. It's that easy !!

Easy, but far from obvious for a general CFL fan. They shouldn’t have to go to a specific team’s website in order to enter the league forums. It’s poor website design.

Well, no wonder there is little traffic on the argos forum, there is no link that takes you there on the argos web site :?

The main forum for the Argos seems to be, which is not part of the CFL forums. I would guess that part of the reason they're not posting here is because they're at their own forum. There is a link to "Friends of the Argonauts" on the Argos website, and then at the bottom of that page, there is a link to their forum. It's also not easy to find. More poor web design.

and there are no such issues with Chrome either.
Traded IE for Chrome a while ago and never looked back.

Maybe it's because most of the Argo fans aren't full of hot air. :stuck_out_tongue: