Argo QB

So we got a new QB, this is great news, HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Would the last Toronto Argonaut fan please turn the lights out?

Go on Friends of the Argonauts or Argofans. This site is dead

I know I don't even bother to check this board anymore because nobodies ever here so its not worth the 4 seconds it takes to load the page.

but Ricky Ray is a great Quarterback.

Hopefully we can build a core around him of good players that can lead to not only a grey cup but a great team for years like the Als have recently had.

The Argos are not even my top team but I come on here and support you guys for the Eastern Conference.

Marc's right that some other Argos fans need to get their butts in here and get in the game.

You stole Ricky Ray from my Eskies after all! :cry:

Gotta say that the addition of Ray is a great move. He is a proven starting QB in the CFL and thats something our Argos have not had for awhile now. Looking forward to seeing him at the helm next season. Now to find a 1 or 2 new receivers.

and a backup qb!

note to all argo fans if you haven't registered already head over to that is where the new board is.

I see that there are 76 members signed up at Why not use this site as all CFL fans are here?

The most members online over 24 hours was 32, 01-04-2012 at 10:28 AM.

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Welcome to our newest member, shiylok

If the turnout is as bad here in a few months by the Argos fans as it was last year, I'm heading over there too instead of waiting around for them. I don't understand what gives with them re-inventing the wheel. :?

Every team as fan centric forums. They are less heavily moderated, allow embedding and are less retentive about "lingo". All good....

Nope won't happen; don't you and tc23 have your hands full already with your own team :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure what you are trying to prove by quoting the members number
the site was just started a couple weeks ago after they shut down the old board for some reason even though it got a lot more traffic.

All I am trying to say is what is wrong with using this Argonauts forum, fans from across the CFL browse these forums. The forum that was just started is a stand alone forum that does not receive much traffic as it would on this forum. The forums here get more exposure and interest because you can check out the other teams forums very easily. Don't try to re invent the wheel. Thats all I am saying !!

I'm with you tc. . . I love the CFL, always have, and is the only forum where I post. . . no stand-alone team forum, no posting on TSN or sportsnet or whatever. . . just here, as you said because you can easily check out each teams' forum. For me, this is the place to be.

There is nobody over there either :lol:

not true
I post probably the most on this forum out of all the argo fans and I know this board never averages more than 3 posts a week.
argo fans gets at least 3-5 posts a day, much more during actual season, well if it carries on from FOA.

thats all fine and dandy but the argos forum is dead as a doornail

Well then Marc invite all you friends at whatever other site to come on in and post here !

lol, yeah, thats how it works

Why do the other teams forums get a lot of traffic and the Argos forum does not ???? Hmmmmmm