Argo QB to quarantine 4 days

He fell on his sword to protect the boat. He’s classy. MLSE not so much

He might have fallen on the sword but no consequences .... where does this BS start (it started) and stop
Lost all my respect for the CFL

I would be curious to read the actual clause

I am curious how he breaks covid protocol going to an event where everyone is double vaccinated and he (did not)wore a mask the entire time he was there

*edited to add he was not wearing a mask despite what news sources claimed

CFL protocol is apparently far stricter than the government rules.

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That's very true. Assuming the players we're all fully vaccinated, have proof and didn't test positive or pose any symptoms recently they we're in compliance with public health guidelines despite not within the protocol.

I think that difference is what lead to the compromise

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Yes ... that must be it ... nothing to do with it being the starting QB of an eastern finalist team, or that the team is owned by owners of the CFL's broadcast partner, or that the team is located in the Absolute Center of the Canadian Universe ... it is just a matter of fairness and compromise

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And how would it look keeping a healthy player in the pressbox (that has had 2 negative tests to date) over wording in a protocol that's no longer consistent with public health guidelines?

Not the rest of league'a fault there are no NBA teams in the other markets to attend :wink:

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I edited original post you responded to as there are pics of him not wearing a mask despite what news sources claimed

The issue (and a real one in my mind) is how come a player like Brandon Banks (HAM) didn't get special treatment but our guy did (esp right before the finals which has incited the Cat fans). Others such as Kenny Stafford (OTT) have chipped in they were forced to miss practice and sit out a week for same offence.

I know there is no bubble so all CFL players have exposure to risk but I am curious as to what the protocol exactly said
They can not go out in public before games? Restaurant, bar, and clubs are out?
Because I sincerely doubt it mentions "you shall not attend a Raptors game" so what was the actual issue?

and they were!!!!!!!

it’s torontos sway with the league……

When other players from other teams in the league had to follow those same rules...the argos should NOT have fared any matter the importance of the game....