Argo QB to quarantine 4 days

Just read on line but unconfirmed ... Bethel Thomas went to raptor game and now must quarantine 4 days... Not sure when his 4vdsys began or if it goes past Sunday game time

Sounds legit. Game played on December 2

Steve Simmons

MLSE does little to promote the Argos. So last night they had QB McLeod Bethel Thompson appear at Raptors game for TV interview. But by doing so, MBT violated CFL Covid policies. By their rules, he’s not eligible to play Sunday. Will be fascinating to see how CFL rules on this.

Dave Naylor

QB MacLeod Bethel-Thompson has been sent home and is being held out of practice today because of attending the
game at his team’s request. It’s a violation of CFL Covid protocol, which states he must now quarantine 4 days. Game day is Sunday.#CFL

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Betting rules will be bent.... Quite a big Bend too

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Can't see how. But agree

How can the team overlook this? It's nice for some cross promotion but come on.

It's a lose-lose. Stick by the rules and we're pretty much finished on Sunday. Make an exception then it optics looks like the league is doing the Argos favours again.


If I were Mr. Clemons. I would be irate. I would fire his selfish Arse, send him home. He adds no value to Argo's, Toronto & CFL.

Then address MLSE.

But he was told by his employer to promote ?

This is strange .

By his employer, MLSE? Or Argonauts?


Boss men seldom know shite from shinola

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You would think a PCR test for something like that would be done the night before the game .

It's another damage to the reputation of the league .

He could be banned from practice and given a test in the early am again if they like .

But to lose a starting QB for a protocol that was broken at the whim by the team owners is kinda wonky .

Was wanting Hamilton to win for home field Grey Cup but losing the starting QB on the Argos for something that was told by the owners was not only okay but wanted by them makes the league look really bad .

So now his employer Argonauts lost a player for the EF.
MBT is old enough to make smart decisions, he didn't.

Sounds like a management screw-up.

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I don't know I might need to know more about why he was there before placing any judgement on him directly .

If he was out knowingly abusing the protocol or was he there at the employer's request making it seem it was okay to be there are two different scenarios .

The first one is on him .

The second one is really bad and you have to wonder if it was done on purpose especially with the TSN crew .

If that's the case which is hard to prove ; you really have to worry about the ownership of the Argos .

I convinced people to attend this game and now this silly stuff .

You have to wonder what the H is going on .

Either way Covid protocol would apply.

MBT will play on Sunday

Quarantine 'lite'. For 2 days. Provided he tests negative


I think we all saw this coming


Other than. This fly's in the face of CFL'S rules.

Truth be told I'm happy to see both teams at full capacity other than injuries.
But I now will be cheering for Hamilton over Toronto!

  • Randy, this is Stewart Johnson President of TSN ... I was just talking to my boss at MLSE ... you know, the owners of the Argos.

  • Stewart, always a pleasure to hear from you. What can I do for you?

  • Randy, what is this nonsense I hear about MBT not being able to play Sunday?

  • Well Stewart he, and the Argos, broke the CFL Covic protocols. He will still be in isolation Sunday.

  • Randy, if the Argos go into the game with Pipken starting at QB we might get better ratings showing the 1994 Brier Final.

  • Oh.

  • Randy, are you still there?

  • Well Stewart ... there is an unpublicized subclause in the Covid protocol that gives me ultimate authority.

  • Glad we understand each other Randy.


Pinball is scheduled to appear on Overdrive on TSN2 at 6:30 to talk about what happened from his POV if anyone's interested. TSN1050 will have it too, don't know if it's on other TSN radio stations.

Overdrive spoke to Naylor earlier and they made the point basically "all publicity is good publicity" for the CFL. The league and the Argos specifically have been thrown into national headlines because of this.

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