Argo QB situation

After watching Rocky Butler in last night's game, he could be the back-up to Bishop after he returns from injury. I think Allen is done, he is making a fool of himself-- time to hang 'em up, Damon.
The Argos might have a good QB situation when Bishop returns. I would go this way:

Starter: Bishop
Back-up: Butler
3rd QB: McMahon

IMO, McMahon is way better off the bench rather than starting games. They still have Crouch as well. Any thoughts?

Rocky does look a bit like Butler, a pretty good arm but of course nowhere near the rifle of Bishop.

They are definitely hurting at QB. The Lions think they have it bad? :lol:

But Butler did look all right. And I agree with you about Damon. I seriously doubt this is how he wanted to end his career. He's an all-star QB and this has just been a terrible season for him. I say he should use this new injury as a way to sort of step out of the game.

As for McMahon being dropped to 3rd... I don't know. He looked great in the pre-season, but his last couple of games were just awful.

Chief based on the two games McMahon was in, he is lucky about not being cut outright.
But, Pinball has gone on record saying how he is not giving up on McMahon and he is a long term project.

McMahon could be a better QB if he adjusts his attitude. You just cant come in an expect to start you have to earn it.

I hope Rocky can find a home in TO.
Considering he has only been in camp a short time, he looked OK.
But overall, QBing is the reason I picked the Argos to concievably miss the play-offs this year.
The Argo defence has been stellar and you are still 2-4.
I think that about sums it up.

They are just doing a rotation right Arius!

Absolutely, 05!!