Argo posters...Would you make this trade???

I wish people would give it a rest regarding Printers. He isn't arrogant and yes he is a team player. People on the outside don't know all the facts and are quick to jump all over someone like a bunch of gossipy old ladies.

Printers is the real deal. He didn't win MVP by fluke. I know ontract negotiations are usually two sided and opinionated, but give the guy some slack already.

By the way, as far as trading O’mahony…keep him for punting duties until the end of the season or cut him. He is not a field goal kicker. I guarantee you Lui Passaglia could still hit them within the 40 yard line. Even 20 yard field goals are scarey with O’Mahoney. If he’s still kicking field goals next game Buono is sending a negative message to the fans. While he’s at it he should take a harder look at the O-Line and quit making excuses for them. They suck. Period.

IMO, Jason Maas would have to be the most sought after non - starter in the league, he hasnt said two negative words about his role on the team and hasnt seen a down of football yet, he is a real professional and is proving he can bide his time......I dont think you can say the same about Printers.....but of all the places in the league for Printers to play, I would have to say TO would be the most likely stop.....there is plenty of room in RC for big heads and you can open the roof if necessary.

Well I'll say this. Bob Young in Hamilton has the money and the need, and a good offensive line, and offensive lineman is what BC needs in a deal for Printers, so that makes the most sense.

As for Toronto, Allen the ageless wonder is going to play another year, so he says. So it makes more sense for Toronto to go for a young, untested guy to tutor under Allen for a a Buck Pierce, Spergeon Wynn, Rocky Butler, that get a guy like that they wouldn't have to give up too much.

Remember Anthony Calvillo.....he was horrid when he first started out in Las Vegas and Hamilton, but after tutoring under Ham in Montreal he became a star....who's to say that a Wynn, Butler, or Pierce could not do the same under Allen? They'd come cheaper than Printers, and with Toronto trying to keep all their guys together like they did last offseason, I think this makes more sense for them.

I still think Printers is a excellent QB…I would take Printers in a heartbeat…But I would NOT break the bank either to acquire him…500-600,000 is totally unrealistic…350,000 tops until he wears the Bling Bling around his finger.

Ha ha ha ha that explains your posts!

I dont actually hate the Guy… i posted I think he is a team player and truly wants to do well for the Riders…personally I think he lacks guidance or a Mentor…and lets face it HE is not a dropback QB…so you gotta blame Marcel some for trying to put him in that role…

Printers Is A Good Match For Toronto. I’m Going To Stay Away From Locker Room Politics And Stick Just To Field Preformance. Out Of All The QBs In The League I’d Want Printers On My Team. Not Because I Think He’s The Best (Cause I Actually Think Mass Is Better) But Because With The Worst O-Line In The League We Need To Go Back To The Run-n-Gun Offence Of The 80s.

Unless Printers Wants To End Up Like Avery He’ll Stay In Canada. And With Allen On His Last Years Of His Wonderful Career We Need A Player That’s The Future Of This Team. Mass Would Be Best Suited To Hamilton.

Useally The Headset That The Backup QB Has Is For Hearing The Plays From The Offencive Coordinator Only, And Cannot Be Used To Talk Through. I Will Bet Anyone Here That 80% Chance He Was Talking To The Offensive Co-ordinator, And A 75% Chance That It Was About His Injury And Whether Or Not He Could Play.

Eiben and Prefontaine can never be replaced on the Argos right now. They are the best at their position in the league.

Third and ten: Good answer to my comment about Montreal not wanting Kidd either. 8) I don't think BC would trade Kidd too quickly anyway. With Kidd, BC only has to pay one guy for the roles of Dirty Guy and Arrogant Mouthpiece. Not every team can save that kind of money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unlike TO, gotta pay for 40 dirty guys and arrogant mouthpieces.