Argo posters...Would you make this trade???

As the hysteria regarding kickers reached an all time high, two radio hosts thought out loud about a possible trade. Remember this is ONLY RADIO WANNABEE’s…No substance…yet.

Printers, Kidd and O’Mahoney to Toronto for Eiban and Prefontaine.

Line backer for Linebacker Kicker for Kicker, Toronto would NEVER make that trade, but throw Prinbters in, would that make it more enticing? How many years has Allen left? Eiban being a BC boy would come home, Lions need a kicker, Toronto needs a starter after Allen retires…

Again, if you are the Toronto GM, would you make that trade?

no way.........PRINTERS, is injury prone and NOEL and EIBAN are to valuible to the ARGOS.

I love the way everyone has jumped off the Printers bandwagon now. All I heard about was how Printers is the reigning MVP and should be the starter for the Lions and now, nothing but negative things to say about Printers.

HT - I do agree with you that, I wouldn't make that trade either.

You don't give up Eiben. I bet the trade would look better for TO if it was Fletcher instead of Eiben they gave up. Kidd is just not worth Eiben's tackle #'s and canadian status

Go back a few pages of postings and EVERBODY wanted Printers…He was going to Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Hamilton and Toronto.

I'd still take him for next year. Not this year though

I can't disagree with what has gone before...but you must realize Printers' stock has fallen dramatically over the season due to his attitude. A lot of QBs are going to be available in this coming offseason, so if you need a QB look who's going to be out there, either as free agent or available via trade: way will he want to spend another year as a backup, and I doubt Wally wants to keep him around with that attitude anyway.

Maas....same thing; can't see him wanting to spend another year holding for field goal attempts.

Nealon Greene....lost his job to Crandell, may want a change of scenery

Spergeon Wynn......Winnipeg traded for him, but won't use him and they list him as fourth string (how anyone could be listed BEHIND Tee Martin is beyone me), so he'll be looking for something.

Marcus Brady.....Marshall doesn't seem to like him, and if Danny Mac returns for yet another season I think he'll want out to get a chance to play somewhere

Khari Jones.....mabye he's finished, maybe not

And, also, if you want to go the less expensive route, look at the 2nd and 3rd string guys out there who have potential but won't get to start for their respective teams next year...Buck Pierce (with a name like that, he shouldn't be a QB, he should have a hunting~fishing show on TV.....doesn't "Outdoors with Buck Pierce" sound like a natural?) and Jarious Jackson in BC, Jason Johnson in Edmonton, Joshua Harris in Calgary (looks a heck of a lot better to me than Wimprine), Rocky Butler in Saskatchewan.

So if you want a QB, this is going to be an interesting set of options available, it will be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

excellent point…have many CFL super stars are Canadian?

I agree with you Billy…How ever the radio jocks kind of whipped this up, stating (Unfounded) That Eiban would be comming home, yada yada yada.

It just makes interesting discussion on the radio waves and this forum.

Printers dropped his stock further while talking on a cel phone when Dickinson got kneed in the noggin the other night.

The Argos would never make that trade because they can wait for February 15 to make an offer to a free agent Printers, and they won’t have to lose neither Eiben nor Prefontaine.

And anyways. They have no place for Kidd… the “dirty guy”'s role is already taken by O’Shea.

So I guess with that reasoning, Montreal wouldn't want Kidd either, with Philion on the roster.

You are right. And Edmonton wouldn't want him either, with Gass on the roster. Every team has its dirty guy.

nobody will trade for Printers with the uncertainity of him remaining in this league....does ANYBODY really want O' Mahoney..........and T.O would have to take a sanity test if they ever parted with Eiben....sorry to have to throw cold water on this dreamt-up deal.....but I guess it makes for good press... :lol:

I don't think K. Jones is finished, but his price tag is too high.

He won’t be a free agent come February…Wally has said he’ll exercise the option if Casey doesn’t go to the NFL, so he’ll be stuck in BC for 2006 unless a trade happens.

Hmmm, if only the clocks could be turned back to July.......The responses would be interesting.

After the clip of Printers on the cell phone, his stock has dropped, even here in the wet coast. A few people that I talk to have changed their tune from the beginning of the season.

I guess only time will tell.

I was never on the Printers bandwagon. Heck I wasn't even on the Burris bandwagon last year. I quit posting here when Nealon went down last year, because if Nealon isn't dressed I know we won't be winning the GC. But a Nealon bandwagon, sign me up! Unfortunately everyone around here in Sask but me hates the guy so there is no bandwagon for Nealon. :frowning:

I think there are other QB's that will be available next year with almost as much talent as printers, come at a much cheaper price, and more team orientated and not so self centered as printers is. For example, Jason Mass is a really good guy. I wish the esks would have actually used him this year because he's interesting to watch and he gets the team motivated. Unfortunately, he'll probably be gone somewhere else next year... :frowning: