Argo Owners Very Concerned with Attendance!

Will Hamilton outdraw the Argos in the Ticat home opener?

Toronto and Hamilton ARE division rivals. More people should have come. A fair amount of Ticat fans probably were in the 27 thousand anyway, a luxury not always available.

There should have been more people, and I was surprised by the number. The Leafs were out, the Raptors were out, etc. I think the World Cup is boring, but not everyone shares that opinion. Perhaps Toronto couldn't bear to look after the preseason! :stuck_out_tongue:

Then, they all will start coming, and then when the Ticat rematches come...

:D :D

The Oilers run was watched by ALL Canadians. I was rooting for them. A game like that is required viewing!

The world cup WILL draw people away as well. The attendence will pick up for the STamps.

Winnipeg was given $700,000 to compensate them for the extra travel costs.

I don't know about any of you guys, but for me a Stanley Cup Finals game comes before CFL pre-season. Especially since it was the Oilers playing in it. There is no way I would have missed the hockey for preseason football. Add to that the fact there was a deluge that actually postponed the start of the game it was so heavy, and you'll see a couple reasons why our preseason attendance was lower than usual. Don't worry about us though, we'll wind up top 3 in attendance like always.