Argo owners not selling and want to play at BMO

My guess is downtown New York is further away from Giants Stadium as a stadium in Burlington/Oakville border would be from downtown Toronto, correct me if I'm wrong though.

Bottom Line
Share a stadium with the Argos outside Hamilton and kiss off enough Ticat ticket holders to fold the team

You have not one iota of proof of that AKT, it's just you're opinion, which I respect BTW, but an opinion and that is all I'm afraid.

OK roll the dice. I won't be around to care what happens if you do. I know I will not be alone. I'd consider following the team to Kitchener/Waterloo or Brantford but Oakville or Mississauga are definite nevers

Explain please, is there something innately "evil" about Oakville or Mississauga? :?

Traffic. I’m a big Leafs fan. I almost never go to Marlies games when the Dogs aren’t playing. Its not because I can’t afford it. Its too much trouble getting there. My sister lives in Toronto. I see her when she visits mom in Wainfleet. I get to her house once every 2 or 3 years.

Exactly 10 miles from center ice MSG to center ice Brendon Byrne Arena.

This article by Terry Koshan in the Toronto Sun today reports that the Argos will play at Rogers Centre in 2010 and have sent out their season ticket renewal forms on that basis. However, some preliminary talks have occurred to explore whether the Argos could move to BMO Field at some future date. Apparently, the end zones would be about four yards shorter than the 20 yard regulation size CFL end zones if no renovations are made to BMO Field.

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And this article by Damien Cox in the Toronto Star today reports that MLSE, which operates BMO Field but acknowledges that it does not have the authority to prevent a potential move there by the Argos, wants to make sure that the City of Toronto does not give the Argos "a sweetheart deal" to play at BMO Field.

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I agree the Argos shouldn't get a deal that is a sweetheart deal, just a fair deal that all can live with which makes sense to me. A deal that the city, the Argos, and MLSE can shake hands on when it's all signed and wrapped up. Also, the Argos should be sure to play one game at the Rogers Centre a year if that makes sense ie. if they are selling out BMO for their games and therefore, like Montreal, one game at the RC would allow more to attend, school groups etc. for a very inexpensive price.

I thought we were all allowed to have an opionion without being called STUPID?

Isn't that an Option? "Sharing a stadium" with the ARgos?? It's a good point! If it comes down to one stadium with two teams or losing one franchise I'd take a nice stadium in the 403/407/GO area.

In a perfect world where we attract 50,000 fans to both teams home games it would make sense to have two seperate stadiums. But it is an option - in a relatively small area Hamilton/Toronto where the two teams are within a 45 minute drive with 6 million people, a large stadium half way between is an option.

As Someone on who is on a low income I can tell you some of us are the Biggest of Fans.
a Move like this cuts at heart of what The CFL League is a Low cost gate Driven league.
Family Friendly Entertanement. This would be Cutting your Noise off Despite your face.
The NFL Makes is a Millionares League not for the people the CFL is

Nobody called you stupid. They called your idea stupid. Some very smart people have have some very stupid ideas. Relax. O BTW thats a stupid idea that would doom both teams

Sorry Onknight, facts are facts. If we ever want to have a day where we arent talking about teams disappearing, they need to have better finances. You will not accomplish that by having a cheap product.

I'd like everyone to enjoy the game, that being said, the current model of giving tickets away to games is one way to insure there is NO growth,

This is the CFL You'll always have ticket Given aways as Part of Marketing.
By the Way the Bills Game at Rogers Center
there are giving away hundress of tickets ..
Cause the Product is awfull.
The People at Rogers are even thinking of Pulling out of Deal .
Cause it is not selling .

Last Year there more Phins Fans at Game then Bills Fans.
This year mark my Word they'll be more jets fans.

You might see just as many Jets fans as Phish fans as well, not good for Bills and almost takes away a home game from them, not that they are going to the playoffs regardless this year but still, not good for them.

Also, the silence this year from Phil Lind on the game is deafening, I just Googled news him and Buffalo Bills and no hits, last year he was all over the news being quoted on the Bills games in Buffalo. So maybe for the good of the Bills, and Rogers, they will pull out which makes perfect sense to me.

Bang On I have had many times where i hear someone say that oh all wait for free tickets closer to game day they always find them !

Eliminate that fan that attends every game free of charge and Brad ( good name by the way ) your right on the Money!

Only give to minimal youth groups to get the young interested early ...

Not sure about that, music groups allow for some free videos on their site and even free downloads in some cases of whole albums. Things are changing in the entertainment world out there.

Sharing a stadium with the Argos would never work!!!

First of all The Ticats and the Argos have the most hated rivalry in the CFL.

If they were to share a stadium. When they played each other, who would have home field advantage?

When the Ticats play the Argos, there wouldn`t be enough seats to accomodate both fans.

You think it`s rowdy at the Labour Day games. Can you imagine CAT/Argo games in a shared stadium, would be near riots!!

Most importantly Ticat/Argo fans would never want to share a stadium.

the list goes on and on.......

Reread my post.. I did not call you stupid.. I called the IDEA stupid!

loyalticatfan wrote: "......You think it`s rowdy at the Labour Day games. Can you imagine CAT/Argo games in a shared stadium, would be near riots!!"

You are right....a shared stadium would never work.

     But "rowdy" and "near riots' are about the ONLY reason I have heard to support a shared stadium!  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->