Argo owner blasts Argos

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Wow, that's gotta say something when the owner calls out his team. Interesting move. Over the past 5 years, Bob Young has never done that. Wonder what would happen if he did?

I can understand Cynamon's frustration. Last year's final Bishop and Buratto laid an egg in a very winable game. The blame apparently was put on some of the receivers who didn't run their routes properly. Poor excuse IMO, happens all the time. Good OC's adjust, like have your QB run the ball occasionally to loosen things up. Buratto kept going to the same plays over and over even those it wasn't working.
Now we come to the 08 season opener, best crowd since 92 and the NFL looming. Buratto's offense hasn't changed, trying to make Joseph into a pocket passer. Hamilton DL sees that and tees off and pressures Joseph all night.
Stubler gets so frustrated he supposedly tells Buratto at halftime to let Joseph call his own plays. Which is a step in the right direction. But I can understand David Cynamon's frustration with these guys. They bring in a running QB, try and make him a pocket passer and finally after two exibition games and two league games its maybe we better let him do what he does best. Even if Joseph was a pocket passer the O-Line isn't good enough. Maybe before they lost Pearson and January but not now. Ramsey will probably be one of the Canadian linemen going forward but he is learning on the job. Davis is just average. The guards and center are a big part of the ratio so any improvement will have to come at the tackle positions. Maybe they should be giving Weaver some time to see if he can do the job before the NFL cuts are available. The NFL can't keep all the good players.
But one way to make the O-Line look better is to let Kerry Joseph roll out and run himself once in a while. I think that's what Stubler had in mind when he gave the order to let Joseph call his own plays.

Good on Cynamon I say. The team is underachieving badly. Perhaps this will motivate those responsible.

Here`s an idea? Howbout letting the qb with the 11-1 record, and the qb with the only td pass this season, who just happens to also be the only Argo qb that has not fumbled or been sacked this year? Why not let him have a go with calling his own plays before letting Johnny come lately, that has fumbled and been sacked 5 times and has no td passes try it???

Just a thought...a little something called fairness.

Because KJ went and whined about it to ‘the powers that be’ (Rita? Pinball? Mohns?).

And why in the world would they want to turn KJ into a pocket passer? Stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. You play the QB according to his strengths. Do not make him become something he is not. Did Hamilton try and turn D-Mac into a scrambling QB? (LOL) I’m sorry Burrato should be gone! Enough is enough. You guys have had way too many offensive problems over the past few years.

Normally, I don’t follow the Argos much, but this whole situation is intriguing to me. See what happens when Pinball gets taken away from coaching. All havoc breaks loose with the team.