Argo O-Line still not set apparently

I thought the five starters for the Argos last Saturday was the best unit I've seen here for a few years. They actually seem to control the line of scrimmage.
But if they are bringing in an NFL veteran like Pearson it won't be for a backup job. So somebody (Buratto?) is either not happy with his two imports January and Costa, or they're trying to build some depth. Rookie January played well I thought against Montreal but he did try to impale himself on one of the Als kick returners helmet so maybe he not ready to go for a while.
So if Pearson can still get it done, maybe we will be looking at him and Costa starting with January on the reserve list.

The Argos O-line is very deep this camp. I think many have overlooked it. It is unreasonable to think that they can't string 5 of these guys together for a solid line. I think the rap on last years line was a little unfounded due to injuries, no offence or running attack. A veteran addition would have been priceless last year with all the injuries, so good move.

With Steve Morley added to the Argo O-Line it changes the possible ratio. I think they will still keep two imports for now as the rookies may not be able to step in play just yet without seeing a drop off in production. So I can see an eventual line of Pearson, St. John, Folk, Robertson and Morley backed up by Costa (who can play OG or OT) and Ramsey. Keeping would go on the IR and Bailey or Evans on the PR.
Unfortunately January and Austin will lose out because they are imports even though they are good enough to play in the league. But they could be brought back in case of an injury.
The only other scenario I can see is if they were going to pay Pearson big bucks to play left tackle and those dollars now have to go to Morley, they might have to go with a cheaper rookie because of the SMS. That would mean Peason or Costa would be out and January in as a back up.
We'll find out Saturday.