Argo management is senile

Adam Rita bashes Damon Allen, then denies it.

The denial is the best part, really. On Sportscenter this morning they played a tape of the radio broadcast of him saying it, and then immediately afterward showed him denying it.

You'd think he would be able to remember what he said live on the radio less then a day earlier. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love Adam Rita but I have to admit, when I've heard him talk, for whatever reasons, he doesn't always come across with logical statements. I love the guy, he is knows CFL football inside and out and is passionate about our game, but sometimes I just think he speaks before he thinks clearly.

Maybe he's suffering from the initial onslaught of Alzheimer's?

...maybe he found Ricky's stash from last year in the Argo lockerroom...

lol why deny bashing Damon? I did it all the time at the beginning of the year... it just seems kinda redundant now.

....its called convenient memory....used when your caught between the truth and what actually transpired...and sometimes when you're caught with a stash....( i'm not talking from experience)... :lol:

...maybe he found Ricky's stash from last year in the Argo lockerroom...
...there were rumours to this effect when he was in times he was a bit incoherent and had a odd point of view when interviewed. He was also known not to keep very regular office hours and often seemed out of touch. But there is little excuse for not knowing anything about the new QB the Argos signed, as he claimed in a media interview earlier this week. I guess he hasn't discovered Googgle, yet...