**Argo loss hurts CBC??

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Argo loss could hit CBC in the pocket
But `the Grey Cup is still a good buy'
30-second spots listed at $55,000

The disappearance of the Toronto Argonauts from the Grey Cup could cost the CBC some advertising dollars.

Last year the Grey Cup was a pretty hot item because Toronto was in it," said ad buyer Sunni Boot, president of Zenith Optimedia Canada. This year the Grey Cup is still a good buy, but a little less so than last year."

Boot said CBC's rates are up slightly this year, based on a forecast of improved ratings over the four million who watched Toronto beat B.C. last November. A lower audience could mean a few rebates.

But CBC ad director Rene Bertrand isn't buying the theory that the absence of the Argos and Lions will hurt ratings.

``People say that, but actually the audience went up the last time," he said, referring to the 4.4 million viewers who watched Montreal beat Edmonton in 2002.

``Montreal has a good following in Quebec and in the east and Edmonton is right in the heart of football country."

Bertrand said the game is not sold out, but ``we always keep a couple of spots for advertisers who want to take advantage of what's typically the country's biggest sports event.

``CFL ratings were up (6 per cent) so we're on plan with rates."

Bertrand would not divulge ad rates, but sources say the CBC is asking $55,000 for a 30-second commercial.

Ratings for Sunday's East final between Montreal and Toronto were disappointing.

The 1.1 million total was down 28 per cent from the 2004 game involving the same teams.

But the CFL ruled the day in the Toronto area. According to BBM ratings, the Argos-Alouettes game attracted an average of 241,000 viewers here.

The Oakland-Washington game on Global lured only 70,000 viewers, while the Buffalo-San Diego game was watched by 92,000 on CH.

those NFL numbers are almost as bad as the Raptor game the other weekend, which drew a dismal 64 000 views...HAHAHAHAHA....NFL SUX

Whats your point?

When it comes to CFL football , don't believe the STAR. :lol:

eskylo....its an article from a newspaper....god, your slow.
u make this same mistake over and over.

The Grey Cup will be awesome, no matter who plays in it.

Sure, Toronto gets more attension cuz it's the center of the U, so what?