Argo Jock Sniffing!


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is pathetic!

The Argos are acting like a star-crossed lover in a one-way relationship!

Analogy: You're sitting on a 747. The pilot comes on the P.A. and as the plane falls from the sky, he talks about what a great pilot Chuck Yeager was!!!

Nah. One game year is not the NFL coming to Toronto.

Very clever advertising!

This will sell tickets, but not to me.

The Argos are trying to make the best of a bad situation. I'm sure it they had their druthers, they'd prefer to see the NFL stay on their side of the 49th parallel.

An Argo-Cat fan

I've read and heard about those that want to buy Argo tickets and not Bills tickets. A sort of backlash.

I have no idea how many that would include, but I plan on buying a few single game Argo tickets this season.

It'd be interesting if in some warped fashion this actually HELPS the Argos. Say some NFL fans buy into this package deal having bought CFL season tickets. They attend both games, and find they like the CFL more. Their will always be the close minded types and the snobs that think the CFL is beneath them, but this could perhaps pull a few over from the dark side.

I think the closed mindness works both ways. There are CFL fans who despise the NFL just as much as NFL fans despise the CFL. I personally like football period and a good game is a good game regardless of anything. Maybe this will open everyones eyes and realize there is good ball on both sides of the border

Always in the mood for (a) good ball.