argo jerseys/tickets outta stock **

sportsnet is reporting that argo tickets are selling like crazy...season tickets are going fast( maybe that 15,000 season ticket number will be far less than the final total )...apparently the argos have 8 people workin the phones, and the second they get off the phone, the phone rings again with someone lookin to buy tickets.

AND rickys #27 argo jersey is sold-out, they are on back order, and suprisingly many are being sold in america.

I heard the same thing on Sportsnet from owner Cynamon.
In the same story, they were interviewing an American sports writer up at Argo practise. He said how people in Miami are interested and intrigued about the CFL. There has been talk about televising the Argo games.
I never thought it would be, but the RW signing is bigger then ever imagined. In fact, Bob McCown on Fan 590 just said the vewry same thing.
Who knows, maybe 20,000 season tickets will be sold?
How many possible sellouts?

the NFL fans are buying tickets now

I'm guessing the RW signing is causing a bigger buzz south of the 49th than back in '91 when the Argos signed Rocket Ismael (who actually appeared in the audience of then late nite talk show host Arsenio Hall wearing an Argos' practice T)

this is CFL's chance to make a BIG BIG splash down south...jerseys are selling down there, media coverage is big there, and tv networks want it badly.

this is the CFLs chance to make a negative ( in some peoples eyes ) and make it a huge positive.

AND americans are buying...get this...SEASON TICKETS...

ususally its us buying tickets to its flipped...muHAHAHA

.....that is pretty interesting news.....should be fun to watch this ball gather momentum......good for Ontario tourism too....

And hopefully bigger and better inroads Stateside than back in the '80s when because of a then NFL strike, NBC took a gamble and broadcast CFL games. Unfortunately, the ratings didn't pan out back then, but now with some mainstream media attention because RW's playing here for the year, hopefully it'll get people to notice a true alternative to the yawner known as NFL Europe.

This is so huge apperently in the US and it will probably continue.
The story is will this continue in the wannabee(USA) Toronto where everything is about chic, anti Canadian almost.

go look in the argo section at a thread titled 'argos primed to take over toronto'.

i envisioned the argos getting alot more popular this year, with the leafs raps and jays all sucking...and i predicted that MONTHS AGO....

this has worked out even better than i thought!


i just don't see why true Argo fans would buy a Williams Jersey because at the most he will only be here for one year and if this story becomes a mess if he fails a drug test. than all these people have williams jerseys that they won't want to wear. but over all this is great getting all this new amarican intrest in the CFL im loving it

I would think that we should worry about more Canadian fan interest than American fan interest. Lets try to get Canadian NFL fans interested in the CFL again.

I know im extremely interested in how he does up here. My personal opinion leans toward him being successful but NOT leading the league in rushing.

I think he can expect a lot of extra shots from
opposing lineman and linebackers.

lets hope the cfl gets a big slice of the TV revenues from the very ironic that only a few short years ago the Argos had to be bailed out by the it looks like they could be the saviour....

I wouldnt go so far as calling them a saviour,
I'll be happy if they just quit being a black

Lets hope the board of governers and the commish can take full advantage of the situation for a change.

Thats good news for Toronto! Happy to see that! Now in Winnipeg there is a food shortage since their running back arrived!

It also hasn't hurt ticket sales. An Argos spokesman said Monday "the phone has been ringing off the hook," in the club's ticket-sales department although the official was unable to provide specific details.

The signing of Williams has also attracted media interest south of the border as ESPN had a camera crew at Monday's practice.

A buddy of mine just called for extras for the home opener.

The box office guy said they sold 200 seasons yesterday and about 100 so far today.

Also a pair went to people in Miami who are going to fly in for every game.

wow its true they really love their football down there

I dont see why it would be soo bad for agro fans or anyone else to buy a Williams jersey,just because he is only up here for a year,you would in a way own a piece of history.

p.s. i bet im gonna see some williams jerseys in stores here in Vancouver.

that is great news for all of the CFL! Some people actually get that , and for those who do not supporting the CFL with your money is quite hypocrical.