Argo GM Jim Barker gone!!

Again, Drew's article talks about Trestman returning in the dual role of head coach and general manager.

If you read my first post, you will see that I disagree with Drew. I don't think Trestman will be enticed back to the CFL (assuming he will return at all) by offering a HC/GM role. For the reasons I stated earlier, it will take a front office executive/management position such as Vice President, Football Operations to get Trestman interested in returning - similar to Austin's role with Hamilton.

Good try though..... keep searching. :smiley:

And it's already been stated here that Trestman will not accept a GM position. So, the source disagrees with you as well.....

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. Your posts are making no sense.....

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What it means is that Trestman is not interested in a GM position, therefore your theory that he will be hired as a GM/VP in Toronto is mute.

Can't make any clearer than that.

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Apparently you either don't read posts or you fail to understand them. I've already stated several times that Trestman's role as VP Football Operations would be similar to Austin's role with Hamilton.

Austin is not the GM in Hamilton. Tillman is the GM in Hamilton! GET IT?

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There is some undefined thing about Jim Barker that puts me off. Besides the Argo thing. Over-all, I think he has a good football record, and lots of experience, but he did make some odd transactions, such as the Collaros-Harris-Ray deals, and the dumping of his receivers last year. But, just speculating, the deals could have been ownership or salary issues? I'm not sorry to see him leave, but with his experience, suspect he will surface elsewhere.

I think Tressman has a proven record in the CFL, but I don't like his "playing on the edge" style. Late hits, sideline hits, cheap shots - too much disregard for the opposition, for the sake of the win? Keep committing the borderline fouls until the referees either crack down or, preferably, become used to it and stop calling them? Reminds me of the unpleasantness of Fred Shero several years ago with the Flyers. Again, with his proven record as a winner, I can see him returning to the CFL given the right circumstances. Doubt he will get another head coaching job in the NFL after Chicago debacle.

I think Tillman is in pretty solid with the Tiger-Cats and contract with Kent Austin and team, however I guess anything is possible?

Marc Trestman could be a possability or maybe someone like ex GM/Head Coach of the Al's Jim Popp?

Didn't want to start another Trawna news thread here in Tigertown, but wanted everyone to see this:

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I'm not surprised, this seems to be the logical choice at present to have the experience of Popp & Trestman back together again and this time in Toronto.