Argo GM Jim Barker gone!!

From today's Globe and Mail:

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Way overdue!!!!!

Yup ,WAY OVERDUE !!! much like Barker's baby :slight_smile: He is pregnant , isn't he ??? or is that just one too many trips to the salad bar ? :smiley: :lol:

Salad bar????!!!

If only....I would suggest his HUGE appetite for wings and beer to be the likely culprit!!!!

Rumour has it is that Barker is a HUGE vegetarian, maybe the biggest one in the world. :cowboy: :slight_smile:

LOL... :lol: :lol: .....good one :thup: :thup:

Perfect fit for Marc Trestman as VP of Football Operations and GM if he can be convinced to return to the CFL. His head coach is already in place in Scott Milanovich, someone Trestman knows well after several successful seasons working together.

I don't see Trestman returning as a CFL head coach (been there, done that) but a front office role as VP/GM might interest him.

You heard it hear first!

Actually, I read this prediction before ...from someone else....

Nice timing. Why not wait a few more weeks, until the day before free agency begins? You know, just to make things that much more difficult for the new administration.

You need to remember one very important fact....this is the argos!!!

Hopefully nobody that is a Cats fan is celebrating this as they shouldn’t either have clapped for the dismissal of Jim Popp.
These GMs have been mismanaging their teams for several years now and it has only benefited the Cats. 8)

Show me! :smiley:

Barker was a good recruiter. His albatross was the Ricky Ray contract and the fact that he let 2 good young quarterbacks go, in order to keep Ray. He's a good football man and he'll find employment somewhere in football. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

From an article on the 3 Down Nation site. Both Drew and Justin beat you to the deadline. This was posted back on November 6 2015

"If both Barker and Milanovich are let go, there’s talk that Trestman could be a candidate for a dual role in the Big Smoke. He’d be the big name and proven winner that the Argonauts could sell as a move in the right direction."

Here's the link:

[url=] ... l-toronto/[/url]

Barker has been a good CFL man for many years. I wish him all the best.

And from Rod Pederson.....

"It's likely Argos President Michael Copeland will cast a wide search and it's expected to include Eric Tillman and Marc Trestman, whose names have come up as well."

The link....

Should I find more for you....

In the article, Drew suggests that Trestman could return to the CFL as head coach and GM. That is not going to be enough to convince Trestman to return in my opinion. It will take a higher-level management/executive role such as VP, Football Operations to get him back to the CFL. That's the only way a team can justify the salary required to secure Trestman and that's assuming he is open to the idea of returning the the CFL at all. Sort of similar to the Ti-Cats' situation with Kent Austin.

Keep searching... this article came out one day after my post. :smiley:

But the first one didn’t.

And since you profess to be the first…that alone blows your premise.

Marc Trestman comme DG? J'ai des gros doutes.

De toute sa carrière, JAMAIS Trestman ne s'est investi dans le recrutement des joueurs. Trestman est un stratège de football et un gestionnaire d'équipe, mais il n'a jamais touché à tout ce qui a trait au recrutement et à la négociation des contrats, encore moins la gestion d'un plafond salarial. Il a toujours laissé ça aux autres. C'est d'ailleurs ce que disait Matthieu Proulx lorsque les gens spéculaient à son propos pour succéder à Jim Popp.

C'est un homme très intelligent qui a sa formation d'avocat, mais sa tasse de thé, c'est les X et les O, et diriger une unité d'entraîneurs. À la limite une équipe, mais il n'a jamais fait ce qu'un DG fait.

Je serais moins surpris de voir Jim Popp aboutir comme DG avec Joey Abrams comme adjoint que Marc Trestman. C'est Popp qui a mis Milanovitch et Brady au monde comme entraîneurs. Ils se connaissent et savent qu'ils peuvent bien travailler ensemble. Peut-être que Trestman accepterait d'être DG et entraîneur-chef si Popp est désigné VP aux opérations football et lui montrer le métier. Mais les Argonauts ont déjà confirmé Milanovitch comme entraîneur-chef, alors je vois mal comment Trestman serait dans les cartons pour un poste de DG et entraîneur-chef.

Trestman has already stated that he does NOT want to be a GM. He said he has no interest in finding talent. I agree that Popp would be the likely name as he did that job in Montreal successfully for a number of years.