Argo games are so boring

All year pretty much every Argo game has been a snoozer. It's nice that they are having success, but the few special teams trick plays a game are pretty much the only exciting offensive production they generate. Couple that with a defense which forces other teams to be patient and score through snail like battles of attrition (at least until they run out of gas from being on the field all game) and you get pretty boring games.

I have been entertained by the argos a few times this yr.

TOR offense is boring, I like their other two facets though, a lot of fun. Don't let this one game cloud your judgement.

Good article here by Doug Brown"

Argos use apathetic home field to advantage
[i]When you arrive in Toronto the following week like we did, after back-to-back sell-out games against the Riders, it's like the world has been flipped upside down and inside out and you have arrived in anti-Saskatchewan-ville. It's the football equivalent of playing a game in a sterile and abandoned office space. For the players that have never been on the road to Toronto before -- there were like 15 this week -- the contrast in environments must at the very least be unsettling, if not confusing. ...

Everyone knows you have to be mentally resilient to play in hostile environments, but it can be even more trying in an apathetic one. Just ask the Montreal Alouettes -- who were defeated in Toronto, too -- if you don't think the atmosphere at the Rogers Centre can be just as off-putting as the most volatile of crowds.[/i]

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Could have been worse.. remember that one Argo season when they brought that American Coach in and he was running Tight Ends and basic American style offense? I think he got canned after 6 or 8 games and Pinball came back in and made the team better..


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Just awesome *swoon*

Anyways yeah Doug is right that game was a bad show for the Argo’s, even though they won. I guess it doesn’t matter if its CFL or NFL, people of Toronto don’t care. I think the attendance was just under or about 20k but the worst part is a very silent one.

cleo lemon is the reason the toronto attendance is so low.

he is crap, and the argos offence is not entertaining at all.

noone wants to pay money to watch 2&outs all game every game.

i know someone who was at the game last nite ( a season ticket holder ), and he BBM'd me and said he gives up on this team.

cleo lemon is driving fans away!

You have to remember, Leaf games are the quietest in the NHL people say and same with Blue Jays games. The soccer people are more boisterous and the outside environment helps. In basketball they play music during the actual game I think to help out. But the dome is the worst environment that contributes to the problem when it's not even half full, it lulls you into sleepiness I've found. When the lid is closed. It is a tomb in this case.

At least an Argo game is not a $100+ snooze fest like a rip-off Bills game at the dome!! :lol:

Also heard the Stanley Cup parade is already being planned with the Laughs 4 and oh start! :lol: CAn the good ol' days of Dougie and Wendall be around the corner finally? Where's the original "tiger" (not woods) too? :lol:

And of course if the Leafs ever do win the SC, everyone in Toronto will expect that this is a true Canadian celebration to be celebrated coast to coast, Leaf fan or not, as the only true Canadiana. Leaf fans think they are all entitled to be the only true Canadiana iconic sports symbol of Canada because of the leaf symbol. Not for me, it's one team in one city, no more, no less, end of story. And corporate crap for ownership. No thanks, you can have it Leaf fans, I won't be celebrating in any of your corporate boring pretend feel fun.

The announced attendance was over 25,000; but probably under 20k were Argo fans. The cheering was louder when the Cats made a big play than when the Argos did (admittedly, I don't really remember a lot of big plays by the Argos.)

once Toronto finally gets it through their thick skulls that there won’t be an NFL team in Toronto they might wake up and realize they’re missing some great football,

Already renewed.

Again, don't blame people for not wanting to pay money to watch football inside the dome when the lid is closed knowing the place won't even be half full. Just doesn't have a football atmosphere to it then. The Bills games there are so many freebies given out by Rogers to their employees and friends of employees to get it full otherwise it would be like Argo games in attendance.

Argos get a nice 25-28 seater football specific, full every game or very close to it I say.