Argo Game Tonight

How bad are we?? Watching he Argo game and it 20-0 for BC. BC has know problem moving the ball against the Argos and Wynn can do nothing on offence. We made him look like an all pro.

Now 23-0

Rookie kicker 3-3

Passing yards at the half: 230-32 for B.C.

And you thought that statistic was one-sided in Calgary's favour last night. Well, it was but...


So it may be that the Ticats won't be the only team off to a not-so-good start. This is good news for us even though I'm sure the blue team will improve quite a bit once Allen returns. But it's good to see the Ticats not be the only team to struggle at the start. And this must be great to see for the many people here who gloat after the blue team's misfortunes.


Rookie Kicker 4-4

This is one unexpected bright side to our early struggles. Throughout the pre-season and the first game, our "less than excellent" defence made Wynn look like an acceptable QB. So Argos didn't rush out to find a real alternative when Allen went down. Now that he faces more "advanced" defences Wynn looks pretty bad. But it's too late for Toronto to do anything about it.

Ha, ha Argos! We're dragging you down with us!

Now 26-16. Argos just failed a 2 point convert, but are certainly back in the game, especially with Dickenson out.

Dickenson will likely be brought back in again after that Jackson pick, and a few less-than-accurate passes from him.

And with Williams apparently getting utilized more often...

Very close finish to the game.......questionable call at the end against Baker, but I think it was the right one. Would have liked a review from the booth though.

Ah well, 1-2....hopefully back to .500 against Winnipeg.

And Dickenson did get put back in, and B.C. managed to hang on for the win.

But if Damon Allen were playing, I'm sure the result would have been different. I have no doubts the blue team will be much improved when he returns, and I now consider it highly unlikely the Ticats will catch them in the standings.

Well if you are a Ticat fan, you guys are really really reallly bad.

Have a nice day.

Wynn looks to have made BIG STRIDES in this game ... he MADE some plays the second half that almost lead to a great comeback.

That call which DENIED Ricky Williams a TD down at the 2 was a COMPLETE JOKE ! ... a perfect example of how HORRIBLE CFL Refs are and what a BAND-AID Instant Replay is. Why WASTE so much time on fixing a couple GLARING ERRORS a game when there are another dozen or so HORRIBLE calls that have to be accepted ?

Overall, I would say the Argo's have nothing to worry about. With some better fortune they could be 2-2 tonight ... and we all know how tough it is to win on the road in the CFL.


You're right the Williams TD should have counted but overall I thought the refs called a good game tonight. I like the instant replay also, it adds some options and suspense to the games. Wynn did start to improve and he looks like somebody who's gonna be very good when he gets more reps, more confidence and more mobile. Overall a very entertaining game.

Roll out QB's expose the weakness of the soft belly on the Argo D.

Playaction like Als beat them in the Eastern final..

Dave Dickenson and Chapdelane(OC) picked them apart!

Simon is no slouch either!!! :thup: :thup: :thup:

We are lucky, the Argos almost got the win.

The ref didn't read the replay of that late pass into the endzone right.

It looked to to me like the receiver was forced out of the endzone in the air

not by the DBs hands

but by his chest against the receiver's upraised bent knee.