ARGO GAME (cuz last week is ovvver) :P

so i figure the bombers will win this one handily but apart of me feels like ive seen this all b4 and we will lose to the argos and be 1-1 with the rest of the east.

i dont know why i feel some peeps are underestimating the argos, me being one of them. last week was last week.

argos/bombers always play close games. why should this one be any different?

then i thought… buck pierce… maybe since joffrey reynolds ran all over them, fred reid can do the same.

last week vs the cats our special teams were the ones who played terribly outside of renaud and serna i suppose but he’s the kicker and was 3/6 regardless of bad bouncy snaps and holds by bestard and renaud.

i expect special teams to bounce back this week vs the argos. lets hope the offense improves abit :stuck_out_tongue: and the defense improves abit… and see what happens when all 3 phases of the game show up.

bombers have some work, but i beleive we will be 2-0 eventho part of me thinks maybe they will lose this one just cuz maan everyone seems to be praising them and its a bomber love fest right now, possible the argos knock us back to reality like cats fans were this past week.

thoughts on argos vs bombers?

We are on our home turf, the player's are still fired up from last weeks win and LaPo has already preached to the player's about being overconfident and underestimating the Argo's.

That being said, the DLINE will eat up Lemon like last nights dinner, Buck had a red hot hand last week and will do the same this week.

No one is underestimating Toronto, but they still have a ways to go to win games on a regular basis!!

Bombers are going to thump the Argos and my prediction is:

Final Score ---- Bombers 37
Argos 17

The Argos bend-but-don't-break defense played very well against the Stamps. Depending on whether the anger management course worked, we'll see whether the Argos defense is better or worse off with Belli back. We should have an advantage on offense. They played really well last week and another week's practice should make them better. Fans may under-estimate the Argos but I don't think LaPolice will let the players do that.

Given the WIDE, and I mean WIDE, disparity in time of possession, Toronto's defence was obviously doing something right to keep the score as close as they did. But I expect the Bombers have scrutinized the game film to figure out just what that "something right" happened to be and are gameplanning against it.

The Argos' O line was poor last season, and I don't know if it's improved at all. . . so Hunt and Willis and Brown & co. should have another good outing.

Bombers win, comfortably.

Bombers by at least ten.

I just don't think Toronto is 'there' yet. They will be at some point this season, but not yet.

Argos have no QB, they can not possibly win! Having said that, you never go into a game thinking you have won before it starts, but this one should be a blow out. Bombers 51 Argos 6

Barker is already on the defensive about going with a QB without experience. I am not sure who Argos can beat, perhaps Edmonton a few times if they are lucky???

The Argos went for years on defense and special teams alone, never count them out.

If the Argos score more than 10 points (on offense, not counting defense and special teams) I will be STUNNED. Lemon has a LOT of work to do......

Lemon was in tough last week, but one thing he didn't do was panic and make the situation worse ! It was good Barker kept him in for the whole game and let him get as many reps as possible in a real game !

I do agree that the the Argo's should never be underestimated but i'm still going to Winnipeg to win this one in a good fashion. After watching them hand it to Hamilton last week i think that the Bombers if they play with the same fire will take this one without a doubt.

A bit unreasonable dont you think? We may not have an experienced QB but we have a defence. :expressionless:

With respect to Toronto and the QB situation, i think Barker will stick with Lemon, after all with the exception of the 1 INT and 1 Fumble in his First real CFL game, Lemon was not all that bad. Look at it this way Lemon had better stats last week than Kevin Glenn in Hamilton, and just slightly below Printers, Burris and Ray when it comes to QB rating. 16/28, 192 YDS, 1 TD and 1 INT IS not all that bad for a QB in his first CFL start.

That being said Lemon will be in tough tonight against the Bomber defense which is way better than Calgary's!!

I think it'll be a lot closer than most of you think. I bet on the ARGOs (+10.5 of course) :wink:

It will not be a complete blowout, i agree but The Bombers will win this game

Hello All,

Greeting again from Southern California. Again, because of the magic of Sirius, I get to hear the Bombers game. Looking forward to a great game and a big win!

Go Bombers!


Stunned yet??


Ready to come back down to earth and cancel the Grey Cup parade route?

Ooops :stuck_out_tongue:

defense and special teams need work.

CALLING DERRICK DOGGETT.. seriously, bring him in. atleast he can tackle unlike half the other special teams players.

Poor Matty has to come back to reality, back to reality