Argo Free Agency signings

LB Wynton McManis signs, good replacement for Judge. He was pretty good with Calgary a couple of years ago.
DE J Davis coming over from Hamilton. Best RE in the League last year IMO. Going to be enemy number one in Tiger Town now. Lol

Better tell Pinball Andrew Harris never played for Calgary.

Argos have added a determined individual, possibly with a chip on his shoulder.

Good luck to Andrew on having a healthy season

DB Amos from Calgary is another good signing, but comes into a crowded defensive backfield.
Andrew Harris. Wow. But I had a feeling when Winnipeg said they were not re signing him that the Argos would be interested. We will see how much he has left. He looked like he has though after watching the 2021 Grey Cup Game.

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Argos just signed the best player in the league. Opposing linebackers are a yard closer to the line of scrimmage because of him.

Jim Barker is smiling. Toronto has a run game.

Another good signing IMO without much fanfare is DE Adrian Tracy. I believe he played 2 years with Hamilton and then 1 with Montreal before sitting out last year. I remember him as a good pass rusher with Hamilton. If Ray goes back to the NFL a front four of Tracy, Oakman, Acheampong and Davis, backed by Ealy and Rob Smith doesn't sound too bad to me.

Just signed Chad Kelly, nephew of Jim Kelly.

Was a coveted return from the Nick Arbuckle trade

Don't really care for Dinwiddie being the offensive coordinator in addition to HC. Too early in his career for the dual role imo.

That said I am hoping that Pete Costanza has a positive influence on the play calling.

O line will benefit from Andrew Harris. He will know run blocking as well as anyone.

Would be good timing for the Argos to have Andrew Harris use the MLSE seats at the Leafs game. Hang out with Drake and get some air time when the Raptors are in town. Do a promo skating with the Leaf players? This is a marketing match made in heaven.

Harris packs a celebrity's punch and the Argos should jump all over that imo. Support him rather than not and stand back. This is a very good situation for the team. Again IMO.

Brandon Banks joining the double blue

Former Ticats WR Banks joins Argonauts Former Hamilton Tiger-Cats WR Brandon Banks joins Toronto Argonauts -

This should make Labour Day interesting. At 34 let's see what he has left

Would he be employing the 'Costanza Theory' wherein he will always call the opposite of what he would normally call to find success?

WOW, that's coconuts.

The East will be exciting to watch.....
That said, so will the West.

Early prediction
#1 Toronto
#2 Montreal
#3a & 3b Ottawa, Hamilton

#1 Saskatchewan
#2 Winnipeg no backup QB
#3 Edmonton
#4 Calgary
#5 BC only b/c unproven QB

Still very early, plenty of time for change.

With all the new signings, Harris, Banks, Davis I'm surprised that this forum isn't busy with fans excited abour being a serious contender.

Argos have signed a ton of players to the point where no one knows who will be on the team. Pressure will be on Dinwiddie to bring it all together.

Not everyone will make the team.

As a ticats fan happy for Argo fans that you guys got some big name players coming in for you guys this season.. The thing with Banks I can't see him playing if anything maybe 6-7 games if hes injured... Also with you guys having 20 WR according to your roster page... Hes behind Gittens and Daniels for sure and Brissett. Wouldnt surprise me if he was a 5-6 WR for you guys.. Also whos to say he will get many catches... thats why he didnt fit with our club anymore because we were going younger at WR.. The thing that worries me is with Pipkin and MBT at QB for you guys if MBT has the same #'s as last year as far as INT we better hope Kelly beats out Pipkin as back up and can put up better #'s otherwise it might be another losing season for you guys.. thats my worry is for you guys at QB

Good news / bad news regarding Sage Doxtatar signing with the New Orleans Saints. Could be a good landing spot with Onyemeta already there. I wish him well.

Bad news is he won't be attending Argo training camp.

Side note is he is one of the few Indigenous Canadians playing pro football, None to my knowledge playing in the CFL. Symptom of a problem imo.