Argo Fans, How About a Meet and Greet?

Gang I have a suggestion to make. . . let me know if you think you might be interested.

I am going to suggest that regular posters get together to watch an Argo game together. Take, for example, the game on Saturday, 9 October. . . Toronto is playing in Regina that day, at 4pm our time.

I have a good neighbourhood pub near me; I know the folks that run the place. . . I could reserve a table or two or three, right by the big screen TV. . . and we could all meet there (it's easy to get to, on Steeles west of Yonge), have a meal and a few brews, and watch the game.

Anyone interested? If we get enough interest, I would email Pinball and see if the Argos would send someone to maybe join us (injured player, front office type, former player, whoever).

What do you all think?

Sounds cool, however transportation may be an issue for me...does the TTC go out there?

Yes it's easily accessible by TTC. . . subway north to Finch station, then take the Steeles West bus.

But if there's only two of us interested. . .

MadJack, I would love to attend, but living outside the GTA in Stratford is hard for me to make, however I will be in attendance at Rogers Centre, Saturday August 14 for the Montreal game....perhaps that day Ms. gil & myself could meet you & Ms MadJack for a bite prior to the Argos kicking Monteals butt.

I know a great sausage cart outside the stadium.....:slight_smile:

gil that last line cracked me up. LOL too bad I can't make the aug 14 game. but I would be interested in meeting up with fellow Argo fans, anyone in the downtown core prior to kick off next week for the opener?

I won't be there, leave on a fishing trip tomorrow morning, gone for 10 days or so. . . beats working.

Gil, I'm not sure if I'll be at the game on the 14th yet, will let you know.