argo fan's are quite

is it just me or is the toronto fans the worst in the league,i fround them awfully quite today. and there getting the grey cup next year. boooo

They probably were at the game :wink:

Once they get home and fire up their PC, you will see the replies !

they were awfully quite what?

...quite ...quiet....i think that big dome absorbs the crowd noise...and reduces it to a quite roar.... :wink: :lol:

Usually enclosed stadiums keep the noise in, but if you are going by how it sounded on TV that isnt a fair judgment

one thing id like to see the cfl telecsts improve on, is getting crowd noise on tv...

and quiet the dang announcers.


CBC has poor audience sound compared to TSN...even BC Place sounds like a mausoleum on the peoples network. But both pale in comparison to American networks, especially NBC with surround that will make the hair on the back or your neck stand up! I think it is a matter of the broadcaster, not the fans.

I was at the game , and the 38,000+ fans were anything but quiet. :rockin:

21,000+ tickets have been sold already to the 2007 GREY CUP and most of those sales are from seasons ticket holders and people who bought tickets during general public sale that only lasted 72 hours. :thup:

The major sales to every one in the country doesn't start until March of 2007. :thup:


Maybe the TV coverage doesn't pick up the noise in the Dome, but I was wishing I had ear plugs a times. It was a noisy place IMO. Not quite quiet. :slight_smile:

Argo fans in the Dome can actually be quite loud. I find however, that they need to be prompted by the announcer, animations on video boards & other blinky lights more so than in other CFL cities.

I was very close to the field...and i noticed that the instruments they use to pick up the sound were always angled directly at field...never at the stands.

Argo organisation has no idea how to put on a show. Al's brought their cheerleaders to Toronto
and Argo management refused to let them on to sidelines and then forced them to buy tickets to watch the game.

They also told the Als the skydome was not available for practice.

Cheap, petty bunch. Its the fans Stupid !

OK chief, not that we should believe any of this post, however:

Nobody is forced to do anything in life. I had a hard time finding 20 hot chicks sitting beside each other, anyone else???

The Als did practice on the field on gameday like always. The Argonauts do not own the dome, so whatever occasion you are talking about, if it's not available, it's not!

And finally, What the heck do the loud and great fans have to do with anything on Saturday except for showing up to make a crowd of over 38 000? It was by far the loudest crowd of the year in an enclosed dome which inceases the sound. Great show and game but just couldn't pull out a win.

It was mentioned on tv and they even showed the cheerleaders sitting together in the stands.

Yep…its all true, sadly…

I also wish that the TV broadcasters would pick up more of the crowd noise during a game. It makes it a bit more fun to watch. I gotta admit the American broadcasters make NFL games more interesting because of the crowd noise .... more intimate atmosphere, I guess. But they don't make it quite good enough to be worth watching, for me :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think if you told an american football fan to compare an NFL game on mute vs a CFL game on mute, the CFL game would be a LOT better to watch.

i watched about 5 mins. of a colts game today, and even when nothing is happening, the crowd is loud...that tells me, they mic the crowd WAY better than TSN and CBC...we gotta get that crowd noise in our games.