Argo evaluation process

Bob Nicholson's open letter to Argo fans mentioned that the evaluations are under way this month for the team personnel.
I presume he meant the GM, player personnel director and coaches.

Bob, lets cut to the chase here. The only evaluation going on is, can we afford to fire these guys or because of money restrictions do we let them fulfill their contracts.

With a real evaluation it would take 5 minutes. But if ways are being looked at as how to cover the losses I could see that taking a few weeks.

But most of the fans aren't mushrooms. You can't keep them in the dark and feed them ..... .... :slight_smile: The ticket base just won't grow like mushrooms on that diet.

To save Bob some of those precious five minutes, here's an evaluation of the Argos' offence from 2009.

Offensive scheme. . . useless. . hire a qualified offensive coordinator.

Offensive line. . . dreadful. . . was it the schemes or the personnel, or a bit of both? Either way, Picard and Murphy didn't earn their paycheques.

Running game. . . not bad

QBs. . . terrible. Joseph is past his 'best before' date, and cannot flourish unless an offensive scheme is designed with his talents in mind (which, in case you haven't guessed by now, means do NOT try to make him into a pocket passer). Pickett isn't ready for prime time, nor is Reaves; of the two you might have some potential down the road in Reaves, but may as well cut Pickett loose, the kid just doesn't have it.

Receiving corps. . . when you are using at receiver a guy who might have been your best QB (McNeal), that says something about bpth the state of your QBing and the state of your receiving corps. Major upgrade needed in the receiving corps, both with respect to non-import and import talent.

i honestly think it would be crazy if we didnt try to get a quaterback off of one of the other teams like pierce or jackson, but after watching mcpherson in the last game in toronto i think he would be great in double blue

The way the Argos are being run into the ground, no quality FA is going to sign with Toronto. This team need new owership, plain & simple. Madjack, as for Stephen Reaves, he is not a CFL qb. The cupboard is bare.

Ownership is the problem right now in Toronto I'd say as well.

To me, it starts with Rita and Mohns. Both need to go. Absolutely dreadful management of the team's personnel over the past few years. They haven't developed any quality CanCon, haven't recruited effectively at positions of need (receiver), and they let a rookie CFL head coach with no prior experience of the Canadian game double as offensive coordinator in his first season. Even Trestman had Milanovich to lean on in his first year. Same with Hufnagel and Cortez.

Axe Rita and Mohns, hire a qualified GM, and commit to a rebuild. The time for patches and quick fixes is over.

Pierce and Jackson I like. Goes without saying that Pierce has concussion problems, may have to be retired due to it, Hope not!! Jackson has a wonderful arm, he is much like Bishop whom I like a lot! But remember Pierce and Jackson have never played in the CFL outside of BC! BC is a very good football team despite this years record! QB`s always look very good in that very good system, but once they go to a less than great team they may be very average.

As for Mcpherson? I have not seen anything from him that would make me want to invest in him for the future, and at any rate, QBs of the future are only for great teams. Argos need a QB today, any talk of qbs of the future crap can wait until the Argos are once again run by adults. Matty has a crush on Mcpherson, I think a lot of this Mcpherson is a great find is all tied to Mattys comments on him. Matt was a great qb, but thats where his expertise ends I think.

Leaves Marcus Crandell :cowboy: