Argo-Eskimo trade

Unless this was a salary cap move by the Argos, it doesn't make sense to trade a Canadian WR who can start and excel for an import DT who is not exactly an impact player. Guys like Taylor are out on the streets in the States just waiting for a chance to show their wares at a free agent camp.
Just more of the Rita and Mohns way of recruiting. Trade Canadian players or top draft picks for average import players that you should be recruiting for free. This deal was probably already in the works before Barker came on board.
Maybe one or two of Cetoute, Scott, Bradwell and Lambros are ready to be full time starters, but they haven't proven it yet IMO.

Don't go dumping on Rita & you think it is a coincidence that Barker was hired only yesterday & today the trade was made? I am sure Barker is the guy who requested it.

I agree about Taylor though, he would not even crack the dl lineup we had last season.

Regardless of who's getting dumped on, the trade doesn't look good from the blue perspective. Trade a starting non-import who's pretty darn good along with a backup non-import receiver for a run of the mill import DT? When it's easy (or should be) to pick up import DTs relatively inexpensively?

Not to my way of thinking. . .

I don't get it either, we were really thin last year with receivers, now it just got worse.