Argo Draft Picks

I'm kind of luke warm with the Argo draft picks. But they have the reputation of doing their homework so will have to trust the judgement of Mohns, Gorrell and Volpe.
Kerry Joseph is worth a 1st round pick in any draft and Bradwell has good potential for a second rounder.

After that there would be a lot of question marks IMO.
J.N. Carriere tested well, could be a good special teamer.
DB Clarke out of Ottawa wasn't even on some draft boards that I know of.
Rich Zulys was highly rated coming out of high school but hasn't exactly been over powering in College. Didn't make it down in the NCAA before coming back to Canada. Maybe he will develop.
DeWit may be their center of the future if he bulks up a bit.
DB Black played down in Div II and is small.

My question would be: why not take Messam in the late rounds. I know he wants to play in the NFL, but so does everybody else, that doesn't mean he will make it. The guy is a stud.

Why not draft OG Jon Gott instead of DB Clarke in the 4th round. Gott is good enough IMO to play in the league even though he's a year away. Clarke would have still been there in the 6th IMO.

And what ever happened to OG Adam Rogers, I know he didn't test well at the combine, but he looked to me like he can play.

Other players who I thought might be 6th rounders, but will now be free agents are: DT Dan Kennedy of Ottawa, K Derek Schiavonne of Western, LB Kenton Onofrychuk of Manitoba, LB Dan Bass of Alberta, WR Keith Godding of Bishop's, SB Erik Galas of McGill, OT Andy Hunter of Ashland, WR Kevin Logan of Lafayette, DT Kyle Sleightholm of Windsor and S Cory Mcnair of Western.
I guess when Ottawa gets back these types of players will be drafted as well.

I hope the Argo brain trust proves me wrong, but IMO there was better players available in the latter rounds then some of the ones picked.

I have to agree with you DoubleBlue. I like the first two choices, but the choice of an unknown like Clarke that early when I think we need help on the o-line is questionable.

We shall see if they can pickup a couple of good players like Andy Hunter & Jerome Mesaam as free agents, although I don't know how they went undrafted.